How to Dig Through My Monica Closet in 8 Ways

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

So I’ve got this outside storage closet out on my balcony and I actually kind of forget about it because it’s tucked away and I just don’t ever need to access anything in there. But it’s also one of those spaces that I just take things out there because, “Oooh! I have that whole storage closet out there to put stuff in!” And then it goes there to die more than likely. I remember it, and then I forget it, and then I remember it, and then I forget it. You get the picture right?

Anywho, we had stopped using it completely for the last 6 months because we had stacked everything in it to a nice level surface so we could lay all the jeep windows and doors across it. So there was just no getting anything out of there even I wanted to. I finally convinced the boyfriend…

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