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The Truth About Marriage // What I’ve learned after one year.

Ordinary Adventures

Dear lovely readers,

Today is a special day for me. Today marks the day I made the most important, beautiful, and challenging decision of my life.

I got married.

Our love story is a long, complicated, wonderful tale that would take far too long to get into now. But after over four years of dating, Drew asked me to be his wife. It was a long time coming and I had no doubt that this was the way my life was supposed to go and was the right decision. Seven months after that, just days shy of my nineteenth birthday and weeks shy of our fifth anniversary, we vowed ourselves to each.

I usually prefer to say something witty like “we said I do” but for the purpose of this post and seriousness, I made a very candid decision to say ‘vowed’. Because, that is what we did and I’m still learning the…

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Cohabitation (long-term): Why will women and men not commit?


Cohabitation (long-term):   Why will women and men not commit?

Hey everyone,

Let’s dispel the myth that many of us encountered in early childhood “fairy tales” (do fairies really exist?): . . . . “and they lived happily ever after.”

Only in fairy tales (or perhaps in romantic dreams) do the lovers (spouses) live happily ever after.  Human beings, being as they are very imperfect in character, are not capable of living happily ever after with each other.  Marriage is a tough (difficult) proposition to be sure.  But, as Nietzsche said “anything worth having is worth working for”.

Many young and not so young couples choose to live together (co-habitate) rather than get married.  And, in many, many cases, the co-habitation is long-term for several years.  After several years of living together, many of these couples will decide they are really ready to get married.  They feel  ready to make a formal…

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I need to talk to someone


And there’s none I can in my real life. My posts a mixed up because I set them up to post automatically. A few days ago my bpd (border line personality disorder) start rearing its ugly head. My anxiety I through the roof. While I know I’m being unreasonable and over thinking. I can’t help but feel very rejected. I’ve deactivated my Facebook account because I was constantly check if he was online or what interaction he’s had on there. If he’s on I wonder why he’s not messaging. If he’s off I’m wondering who he’s with. He’s done nothing wrong on there at all. I’d reached out to others whom had either seen and ignored my msg or sent one back then nothing. Yesterday I text a few people to catch up. And was meet with no, or I’m busy or nothing.

I know its mostly to do with…

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marriage (with a little sex and a little spice) – part four


marriage (with a little sex and a little spice) – part four

. . . . . continuing from part three . . . . .

“I know our love’s so sweet

It’s so tender and complete

Take me to another place

So please I beg don’t turn away”

From Hiroshima‘s song “Come to Me” on the 1989 album, East.

“So come on, hit me with your best shot!  Fire away!”  –  Pat Benatar, from “Hit me with your best shot”, early 1980s.

I was never quite sure what Pat was referring to, verbal jousting or perhaps something else entirely.  May be even a double meaning was intended.

“Switch it on.  Start it.  Let’s get it up.”  –  AC/DC, from the song “Let’s Get It Up” on the 1981 album, For Those About to Rock (We Salute You).


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the challenges that parents face


We have written a few times on parenting and children.  Now, we share these sundry thoughts.

Raising children, especially in these terrible times, can seem to be a thankless chore.

Yet, we so desperately need strong families today in Western societies.

We encourage, even urge, parents to spend time with your children and take an active, continuing interest in their development each year.  Remember, the schools are not designed to play the role of parents to your children.  Schools are to educate your children, not raise them.  You, as parents, must work to instill self-discipline in your sons and daughters.

Parents being more actively involved with their children was the norm 4 or 5 decades ago. I can remember when most women with children were housewives back in the 1960s.  In those years, a married couple could maintain a modest middle class standard of living with one “bread winner”.  Life was a…

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marriage (with a little sex and a little spice) – part five


marriage (with a little sex and a little spice) – part five

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. . . . . continuing from part four . . . . .


This essay is not suitable for viewing in the workplace. (We have complied with WordPress guidelines.)

Once again, we want to stress that we believe that sex ought to be saved and reserved for serious, committed, monogamous relationships, ideally for marriage. (We know it is a real world, and the ideal is not always achieved, but it is still worth striving for.) We do not wish this essay to give anyone the erroneous impression that we are advocating, or approving of, casual…

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