Naugatuck Clean-up Pilot A Great Success


THOMASTON, CT –  Volunteers from the Railroad Museum Of New England (RMNE), the Naugatuck River Revival Group (NRRG), O&G Industries, and the Boy Scouts completely exceeded all expectations on Saturday by removing enough tires to fill two 30 yard dumpsters from an area less than 3 miles long between the Naugatuck River and CT Route 8 in Thomaston and Watertown. More than 20 people devoted their Saturday to clean up the environment and pull tires both big and small.
Volunteers rode the train to Jericho Bridge. There they pulled the tires from the riverbank and brush and rolled them next to the Naugatuck Railroad mainline. From there a tie crane lifted them into a dump car. The train dumped the tires at Thomaston Station where a bucket loader lifted them into dumpsters. For the trial run, two teams started at Jericho Bridge, one on each side of the mainline and…

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Time: Lessons From The Dying Brain

A Holistic Journey

The starship engine spins in winged centrifuge. The growing list of tasks in the mission multiplies its rotational speed and efficiency as the system expands tirelessly to accommodate demands.

That is my brain. THiS is HIS:

A white hum. The wheels are happy in their easy dance of movement and stillness. Any information that streams in faster than homeostasis approves activates the self-preservation mechanism. EJECT. EJECT. The data overload leaks through a sleek aperture, which physiology translates into IN ONE EAR, OUT THE OTHER.

My husband’s brain is a fascinating piece of machinery. It refuses strain. Barring any unforeseen tragedy, he will likely outlive me because he lets go of the past easily, does not fret over the future, and functions in a simple, elegant neurological circuitry that permits only one claim upon his attention at any given time. I have yet to try to be like him…

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A Modern Fairytale

A Study in Equinoxes

Once upon a time there was a lonely Prince who sat on his throne, twiddling his thumbs.

All his life his Father had told him that that some day his Princess would come. She would be strong and independent, driving up in her golden Lexus chariot pulled by many horses.

He had met many lovely princesses, but they either ignored him, put him a companion role, expected him support their bon bon and Kardashian addiction, or WORSE, expected to be treated as equals.

No one had stepped forward to claim his hand. So he gathered his court and began to game.

He no longer noticed the princesses that came to court him, so obsessed was he with outstanding the Fox.

“I don’t need a princess. All they want is my meager inheritance.”  

He never noticed that the princesses stopped coming.

And then ,many years later, it happened.

“Son, we…

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