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On April 20th, 2018, the Queen Anne’s County Waterman Association and Grasonville VFW Post 7465 hosted a Waterman’s Story Swap, an event designed to celebrate the history and cultural heritage of the men of the Chesapeake Bay.20180420_174212

The audience awaits the beginning of the Story Swap.

Harry and sheaHarry Davidson & Shea Springer opened the show.

HARRY DAVIDSON is a native Kent Island Eastern Shoreman, a waterman, and an ecological activist, with a great interest in saving the menhaden fish, a critical link in the Chesapeake Bay food chain. Harry’s music captures the essence of his love for the bay and the lives of watermen, and the songs on his CD, Songs of the Chesapeake Bay, tell the waterman’s story through that music.

SHEA SPRINGER downplays his role in Harry’s work, but Shea is a talented and soulful musician, and I know how much Harry appreciates him. Shea is the owner-operator…

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From Paula:

This is the only Black & White Sunday this month, and I decided that it should be Traces of the Past (the recurrent photo challenge on this blog). Here is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Northumberland – the famous Bamburgh Castle. The day I took this photo it glistened nicely in late, golden sunlight, but for this opportunity I decided to show it in silvery tones i.e. in black and white.


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Thursday Door–Spy Museum

No Facilities

Spy Museum Door International Spy Museum. Washington, DC

I spent last week in Washington, DC and one of my primary non-business goals was to get a bunch of pictures of doors. Washington is full of iconic buildings with even more iconic doors.

Washington didn’t cooperate.

As you may have read, I got sick. Being sick was bad, but not so bad for door photos because I was much more comfortable walking on the surface of Washington than I was riding in the Metro (with no bathroom handy and no way to open the door until they decide to stop). However, it also rained all week. When it wasn’t raining, the backdrop for my photos was a sky that was almost the same color as many of the buildings I had hoped to photograph.

OK, I’ll stop whining.

I arrived in Washington on Sunday. I discovered that my hotel was literally next door…

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As cold as it is it could be worse.

Slip on your long-johns and flannels, your warm boots and favorite gloves, grab your coat and that hat with the funny looking earflaps, and let’s take a wintery walk through a couple centuries of Eastern Shore weather history.

Official records weren’t kept until the late 1800’s, so reliable climate data for our country’s formative years is hard to come by. There were, however, several documented blizzards and deep-freezes during this time that had significant impact on our early Chesapeake Bay ancestors.

January 27-28, 1772. Two to three feet of snow fell in two days. A half century had passed since any of the early colonists recorded a storm of such power, and back in 1717 it was New England that got clobbered. Around here, no non-native had ever seen anything like it. Because the storm was recorded in two future…

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Garry was up early because he has a medical thing today. He wanted the extra time to have coffee, for showering and all that morning stuff. I lolled in bed for an extra hour, mostly because that’s how long it takes me to get my back functioning.

I’ve gotten pretty good at untangling myself. It’s all about positioning, taking the pill I sometimes don’t want to take, but if I take it, the day goes a lot better than if I don’t … and slowly stretching until things are more or less mobile. My back has been in poor shape since I was a teenager. I had my big surgery on it when I was just 19 and time hasn’t been kind to the bones.

Time generally isn’t kind to bones. Arthritis seems to be universal for damaged joints, whether broken by accident or surgically renovated … and often…

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Sealing the Walls and the Ceiling

No Facilities

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and is brought to you by the voices in my head, who have been set free from their dungeon. Linda says:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sealing/ceiling.” Use one, use both, have fun!

Have fun? Oh, we’re having fun. We bought lumber, we’re using power tools, we’re lifting stuff with winches – which is almost as good as having a crane – and things are taking shape.

This summer’s project is to replace the siding on our garage. That would seem to be a straightforward process, but since the existing siding is T-111, a plywood based product that serves as sheathing and siding in one, and since it is not in the best of condition, it has to be removed. We could just replace certain sections, but that would require sealing a bunch of…

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Happy Beaujolais Day!

One With Vino


You know the week before Thanksgiving has become a thing.   And if you want to call it another excuse to party, another excuse to eat, drink, and participate in merriment, I’m all for it.

Beaujolais Nouveau 2017 officially kicked off this past Thursday.  To me, it’s the precursor to all that’s great about the holidays.  And this is meant as the highest compliment.  It could just be another marketing gimmick, or another way to make a dollar, but who really cares?  Any reason to get together with the people you love, to drink some simple and affordable wines, eat a whole bunch of yummy food, and just hang out is better than any reason not to.

And if there’s more, and as long as it’s not overkill, I’m all for more genuine celebrations as long as it’s in a healthy, safe, and heartwarming manner.

This event truly warms my heart.

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Life After People

No Facilities

The lights are still on, but I am enjoying the view.

Remember the Discovery Channel show about how the natural processes and animals would gradually reclaim the planet from the ill-effects of humankind? Well, this post isn’t about that show (I did like it though). This is about the awkward phase we’re moving into where we will be dealing more and more with machines and robots than other human beings.

Two weeks ago, I spent a grand total of 24 hours on the ground in Chicago. I was flying to meet a good friend, who was kind enough to shepherd me around in whirlwind fashion, touring the city and some of the surrounding areas. We had agreed that the Chicago Marriott Hotel was a good place for me to stay, as it was convenient to the start of our walking tour. For the first time in my life, my stay…

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If I were a Rich Girl Wishlist

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 12.52.38.png

Have any of you ever walked into a Brown Thomas or Harrods after a horrible day, and suddenly your soul lifted and your heart danced (not in a way to give you cardiac arrest, but in a sense that you realise there is joy in the world)?

The shoes, the bags, the brooches!!

I feel like my eyes were momentarily blessed….. and then reality hit and I left empty handed.. but if I were a rich girl… NaNaNaNa… This is what I would buy.

  1. Gucci Bags

The Sylvie and the Dionysus Gucci bags are so cute! At first I wasn’t sure of them and I thought the designs could look cheap and tacky but looking up close at them, I fell in love! Although Gucci is a Well-known brand, people questioned its staying power and whether its price will be able to consistently rise but I think these designs have…

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