Thursday Doors – St. Augustine Lighthouse

No Facilities

Welcome to St. Augustine Lighthouse!

As I mentioned yesterday, a brief meeting in St. Augustine, bracketed by flights in and out of Daytona Beach, FL left me with little time for sightseeing. I did manage to collect a bunch of photos that I will share at some point, but the highlight of my travel was touring the lighthouse in St. Augustine. I love lighthouses and this one is beautiful, well preserved and maintained, and includes a Light Keeper’s House and museum. It just doesn’t get any better.

Since I have way too many photos to share in any one blog post, I culled out the photos with doors in them to share in Thursday Doors.

Thursday Doors is a weekly gathering of the fleet of door aficionados from all over the world. Light Keeper, Norm Frampton lights the lamp Thursday morning and keeps it burning until noon Saturday. If you…

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A Couple Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #89 + A Life Update!

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

My weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you!

Okay, okay, you caught me. This post hasn’t exactly been “weekly” lately. And I haven’t exactly been blogging lately either. And I promise I am not going to become just a random thoughts blogger. But I am taking a bit of a blogcation. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m just over here doin’ my thang.

So just a couple random thoughts I’ve had:

1. I guess you know that age is starting to take over you when you consistently have weird pops and creaks in some of your joints. I don’t know what I did to you knees, but shut up already!

2. Another sign of age: When I get extremely excited to find that Hulu finally put some HGTV shows on there! Um. Excuse me. I have to go binge watch 3 seasons…

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Mystery Blogger Award

Never do “awards”. My blogs speak for me

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Huh? Dan doesn’t do awards. Well, truth be told, Dan almost always doesplans tothinks about doingwishes he had done – Oh, who am I kidding, Dan doesn’t do awards. So, why on earth is the first and likely only award I’m ever going to deal with, is one where I was nominated by a young woman, Emily Susanne, whose tag line is:

“Growing in God and Inspiring Young Women Through Faith and Fashion”

I mean the God part works for me, but the rest is a bit off the mark.

Emily writes “Fearfully Wonderfully Me.” I think I met Emily when I was hosting Just-Jot-January for Linda G. Hill, and I think I was attracted to her blog by the title. Since the format of this award is similar to others, I thought I could satisfy a bunch of them in one post. I’ll…

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One-Liner Wednesday – The Big Game

No Facilities

I’m sure by now most of my regular readers know that my weekend routine includes a walk with Maddie. You’re also aware that I take as many photos as the dog will allow. What you may not know is that  I like to imagine the conversations the birds and squirrels might be having.

If that didn’t scare you away, I’d encourage you to take a quick run through the gallery for the conversation I think is happening on baseball fields in two parks that are across the street from each other.

I’ll bet those knuckleheads went to the wrong park…again!

Aerial coverage provided by this guy. I hope one of my bird buddies can help me identify him.

“These guys are supposed to find the strike zone? They can’t even find the right park.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You…

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Woof – I Got This One

No Facilities

This is Maddie talking, and this post is mine. The topic Linda put out there for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is not going to go the way he thought.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “yard.” Use it any way you’d like. You can even add letters to it to make a whole new word! Have fun!

Minor League Standings

He wanted to talk about baseball. As in the Hartford Yard Goats. Let me tell you, that’s a sad story. He would tell you how wonderful it is that they finally opened their new – $71 Million – stadium. I say it’s a waste. Total waste. $71 million spent and no dogs allowed on the grass. Well, unless you consider the Portland Sea Dogs, who seem to be doing pretty well. At least the Yard Goats are doing better than the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

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And Then There Were Three

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Ellen understands perfectly

Were it not for Word and my lovely editor, you would all know that I can’t spell. Neither can I grammar nor punctuate. You have no idea how I fret over the previous sentence. You also have no idea if it’s the sentence I wrote, ‘cuz editor. I tried two free grammar-checking websites before I gave to the Mrs., but I still worry. Now, according to Ellen, I have even more to worry about.

Not more things, but more tasks at which I can fail.

According to a tidbit contained in Ellen’s latest post.

Note: There’s nothing going on between Ellen and me. I know, I tend to mention her often, but it’s just an interesting coincidence. See the thing is that I tend to read Ellen’s blog just before the #SoCS prompt is released, when the SoCS prompt is released early. I like to read…

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My Quilling

Quill & Parchment

Hello Friends, today I wanna tell you about what a fanatic I am when it comes to Craft. In my lifetime, I learned many arts and crafts. Among them were Paper Mache, Origami, Flower Making from clay to bread, from stockings to ribbon. I enjoy spending my time with colours, I love making something beautiful from something very boring. I can knit and embroider, what a satisfaction it is to see that thread or wool to slowly take intricate neat patterns, be it cross stitch or long stitch or stem stitch. I used to embroider handkerchiefs and even learned Shadow Work. Shadow work looks awesome. I can make Colored Glass Paintings which look like a rainbow when sunlight streams through them in mornings. Like that I learned many types of art forms, some I kept practising some I left untouched. I used to feel like the creator himself when…

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