Are we living in Incar-Nations?

Words dipped in Happiness

Is this possible that Universal nature is our ultimate judge and enforces ‘Cause and Effect principle’ (Karma) as the base of its judgement! Is this possible that the way of life we are living today is the effect of the causes which we created yesterday! Is there a way to overcome our past deeds and thus avoid its effects!?


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The main problem is most of us don’t know that the universe is governed by this cause and effect principle. We don’t believe in this principle because of the illusion, time. We don’t experience the effect of our deeds at the same moment of doing them, but after a certain period. This certain period is not limited to a lifetime. It is way beyond that. So we don’t have idea of why we suffer so much, because we don’t know what we were in our previous lives. We…

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My Diary: Living In A Cellophane Universe

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

My astral soldier friend is seriously ill.‭ ‬She is curled up like a distant memory and wont take in food or kind words.‭ ‬The boy in me shrunk into the cellophane wrapping a long discarded toy was brought home in.‭ ‬We made plans for future existences in case we parted in the glass eye of the night.‭ ‬As the wrong curtains were brought down on the wrong play I wished we could all live in many times at once as I am not happy about being alone in this one‭ ‬-‭ ‬I wrote this as a pair of shoes climbed the stairs with no feet in them,‭ ‬they paused and then climbed another flight even though there isn’t one‭ (‬I looked to see if there was a pair of gloves coming down but my fantasy and fancy didn’t stretch that far‭)‬.‭ ‬I went to bed with the soldier and we…

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Haddon Musings


                        Revealing the beauty and truth of life through the eyes of our elders.

Welcome back to the Senior Salon. I am so excited about the huge amount of talent that has come together to share their artistic vision. It is my pleasure to invite you once again to link your blog to mine today and reveal your artistic creations in any field: fiction writing, nonfiction, poetry, photography, painting, pottery, cooking.

I want to mention to anyone who is reading this, that you do not need an special invitation from me to participate.  Please feel free to add your link and join in the fun.

After linking to this blog, in the true spirit of a salon, please take the time to read someone else’s blog and comment and offer encouragement on their artistic endeavors.

We have walked our…

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