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Safely Remove Mold From Your Outdoor Patio

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Mold is destructive and dangerous. Mold can grow into walls, attics, insulation, and nearly everything else that it touches, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in abatement (killing the mold and removing it and its potential airborne spores from the home) and repairs. When it comes to your home patio, if your outside home patio is covered in mold, it is a little easier to deal with.

Health and Safety Warning

Certain types of mold can be dangerous you your health. Take safety precautions before dealing with mold — homeowners are advised to contact a professional mold and abatement service when dealing with dangerous forms of mold. Always use a respirator or face mask when cleaning mold to avoid inhaling spores

Green Mold Vs. Black Mold

Before beginning to clean mold from your outdoor patio, you need to check and see what type of mold it is. If the mold is…

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Please Don’t Rock Your Yard!

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As an update to this post: spread mulch where you would have put rock. Read along about how taking permanent action against a short term problem creates even more problems and stops permanent solutions. You can create something more, but it will only happen once you add to nature and accept her, rather than fight her. She is always just outside your door and she’s listening. Let her speak back to you, or at least let her try.

While we were in Colorado there was a trend to rip out anything that was growing and replace it with a gravel landscape. Every time I saw someone ripping out their grass to do this: I wanted to throttle them. Here is why: rock is not low maintenance. I understand those who don’t garden are looking for a low maintenance option for their yard. Please. I beg you. Do not put gravel…

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