The Great Molasses Spill

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In early 1919 there was an industrial accident that will go down in history as the stickiest accident in history. This was the great molasses flood in Boston. The spill was the result of a tank failure in the north end of Boston. 21 people were killed and over 150 injured.  The city was covered in sticky goo that to this day has not fully disappeared, having clogged up buried electrical conduits and other underground structures.

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Your Kid Is A Piece Of Shit And It’s Your Fault

I Ruin Joy

magical-1090663_1920News out of the North Pole suggests that Santa is writing letters to your children to apologize for running out of the “Hatchimal.” This comes as a great disappointment as I bought all the Hatchimals to teach your little brats a lesson.

I spoke to Santa, I told him that children were running rampant, becoming too demanding and in truth, becoming little pieces of shit. He agreed.

Santa agreed.

As I recall, the song goes “He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.”

What happened to that, anyway?

When did we start apologizing to children for disappointing them? It’s a toy. How many times did you miss out on the toy you wanted? Remember the bike you wanted? You didn’t get it, you became a better person. You didn’t throw a tantrum and expect a f*cking apology from Santa, did you?

Why are children…

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The Old Fish with One Wish – a children’s story

Myths of the Mirror

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This is a bedtime story told by one of my Dragon Soul characters, Morgen, to a small boy named Aidan. You must read it in a dramatic voice (lol) and please feel free to share with little ones.

The Old Fish with One Wish

There once was an old fisherman who lived in old cottage with his old wife, and in the sand outside his front door, he flipped over his old cockleboat. Now, across the cove, lived a young fisherman with his young wife. They owned a grand house with a fine fishing boat moored in the deep water. Every day the old fisherman would row to sea and fish, and complain about the unfairness of life and how he wanted a pretty wife and a grand house and a fine boat.

Then one day the old fisherman caught an old wrinkly fish that he dropped in his leaky…

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Troubling thoughts roaring through my brain


I just saw my old job advertised and was thinking of applying for it again but really don’t want to go back and work for a company that didn’t appreciate my being different.

I used to keep getting into trouble for not apologising quickly enough to customers who called in with problems either with their broadband or with their mobile phones so I thought I would give you three scenes to think about and see which one gets your vote before I tell you which option I used to get told off for doing.

  1. Customer calls in and phone is answered by saying “Good (morning/afternoon/evening), my name is Dave. I’m sorry you’re having problems but I’m here to help you sort them out”
  2. Customer calls in and phone is answered professionally “Hello, you’re speaking to Dave how can I help you?” Then after finding out what the problem is the…

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