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LA life 


Many of you must be seeing many celebreties, bloggers or someone else who wants to be successful in their life moved to Los Angeles. When you see this city on the TV screen of yours or how some youtubers show their beautiful life in there, you must think it is the most imaging city it can be… Sorry to disappoint you but it is not. Many people come here and work so hard every day just to make for living and reach some goal and it is not mater of few days. For someone who doesn’t live here it may appears like sunny city with lots of palms and celebrities and all people do here is drinking green juices and spending time on the beach and between all of it filming in bunch of movies and TV shows. I wish it was like that… People who live here or people…

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The Queen Mary

A Note From Abroad

Monday, March 2nd ~ On board the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary The Queen Mary

I was so excited to have my sister and brother-in-law stop by on their way to Arizona. Their time with us was limited, and we opted to take a day trip to Long Beach to tour the Queen Mary. Built by Cunard line in Clydebank, Scotland, she was originally known as job #534.

Although Cunard had maintained a legacy of naming their ships with names ending in “ia” such as Mauretania, Aquitania and Berengeria, legend has it that the tradition was ended due to a miscommunication of sorts.

“As per protocol, legend states that the Cunard directors went to ask King George his blessing of the ship’s proposed name saying, “We have decided to name our new ship after England’s greatest Queen,” meaning Queen Victoria, the King’s Grandmother. Upon which the King is reported to have stated, “My…

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the HUMBLE silence…of…GREATNESS

Kevin Hotter

Hollywood, CAAfter I took this photo – I thought “Is this a sign or an ideology?”

Greatness is not easily defined. It’s a concept that means a lot of different things…

But – one thing is undeniable…

….Greatness is only truly achieved by those who possess a genuine heart and silent humility.

We meet so many people in life who love to boast about their achievements. They drop names (which I recently did – oops!). They talk, talk and talk…but never listen.

On the flip side. We also meet people who are beyond humble. They have given so much to this world, and to the people in it. Yet, they show no pride. No boastfulness. No self-importance. They just do their thing. And do it well.

Recently, I met two dudes. Both of these guys are very successful in their chosen fields.

One guy couldn’t stop talking about how terrific his…

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Something New, Something Old


Experience of a friend:
My Apple iPhone 4S was acting up so in a moment of unwarranted extravagance, I upgraded to an iPhone 6 which now has more do-dads on it than a BMW.

Anyway, Ann and I took the Pacific Surfliner (the San Clemente Creeper) to San Diego this morning.
Guess what?  No tickets.  No email. No credit card.  No cash.  Got to the San Juan Capistrano depot and opened the iPhone app for Amtrak and punched in the 9:47 AM to San Diego.  We got on the train, held up the phone, showed the conductor the image of the QR Code (barcode) on the screen, he scanned it with his gizmo and moved on.


I was thinking how cool is that but then he had to take out a piece of paper, write “San Diego “on it then stick it in an overhead slot.. Just like in the…

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