How Do Girls Learn Differently From Boys?

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Classroom learning and gender differences Boys Brains and Girls Brains. Are They Different? Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Many studies have found that both girls and boys take a different approach to learning. If you’re teaching a mixed class, here are just a few of the learning differences that could be worth taking into account in order to get the best out of your male and female pupils.

The difference between boy brains and girl brains

Understanding the best way to learn means looking into the brains of both genders. Whilst not always the case, women generally have a larger hippocampus that is better suited for writing and vocabulary, whilst men have bigger cerebral cortexes specialised to spatial and mechanical functioning.

Generally girls will develop their flair for writing and vocabulary before boys. Girls may learn better from written or vocal instructions as a result, whilst boys will often respond better to practical demonstrations.

Boys need…

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Post 1408: on a slow day…



While Andy doesn’t like to be brushed, Dougy responds to nothing more than the brush on his ottoman. He hops up there to get a good brushing! Dougy love, love, loves being brushed!


Sometimes rendering a photo in black and white enhances it. On a sunny day, Andy (on the walker) and Dougy enjoy the open door, with its fresh breeze and the possibility of spotting birds in the fir, apple trees, or the bird bath.

Of course, when I try to take their photo doing these things, they become alert to my presence, turn around, and watch me. “What’s he up to? Getting ready to give us kitty treats?” Could be. Or maybe I just need something for the blog.    

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Post 1407: in remembrance…


Andy suspects Doug is up to something. Doug is putting together things, and seems about to leave. “What’s up?”

Dougy picked up on it, too.

Water jugs??? The kitty boys are perplexed. There’s plenty of water in their fountain. What’s Doug up to?

The kitty boys run over to the door. Doug’s about to leave, and this always interests them! (Perhaps because they get to run amok and play kitty games, perhaps because they get to snoop on places they know they aren’t allowed to be….)

I left to place dahlias on the family graves. The jugs were to water the flowers at the cemetery


 The kitty boys met my Mom (Jean Thomas) when they were kittens, and she worried about Dougy because he snooped all over the room she had at the care center. She was worried he would run away! I closed the door to contain him. He…

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Rhythm In Life

rose-234483_1920Gently I fold my hands

dropping to my knees

Weeping for losses

Not my own this time

Losses of my neighbor elsewhere​

Losses that hurt 

Losses that weaken my knees

Losses that push me to that thought;


I say to my heavenly Father,

Help me to forgive

Help them to forgive

Help us to forgive again and again

Even when it hurts

With this simple prayer

Heal my heart again

Heal our hearts

Heal your people

Heal us all

For we cry through 

simple words of


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What’s Your Name Again?


No Facilities

For the love of beer The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you would be moaning about having to drink alone for a couple of weeks.

Look, I know you were at your mom’s funeral and stuff, but I don’t think you should miss two Saturdays in a row.”

“Sorry, the timing wasn’t my idea.”

“I wouldn’t have thought you’d want to travel two weeks in a row.”

“I didn’t have much choice.”

“Well, I get the funeral, but why did you turn around and go right out to Iowa?”

“We already had those reservations. Faith and I had been planning to visit my mom.”

“Oh, sorry. Still, you couldn’t change that?”

“Between schedules and fees, it wasn’t going to be easy.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“So, what did I miss?”

“Hey, welcome back Dan. You didn’t miss much. He wasn’t very thirsty.”


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By the Mighty Mumford

Who will stand with God,

Of His righteousness be awed…

Who will stand

Defending this land,

As the Coptic Christians have trod?

If persecuted will you die,

willingly to poke Satan’s eye…

Believers paying

With their lives and praying,

God’s rewards are waiting on high.

STAND—be courageous yet,

Thy salvation don’t forget…

Christ paid for all–

Answer His call–

Rescue His little ones from death!

Why do you wait …for a sign?

March forward to the front line…

Not in your strength

You’ll go the length,

Your soul to your Savior consign.

We battle not with fleshly means,

Although by them our enemy weans…

Many off Christ

By artifice,

Till the lake of fire too many lean.

Stand firm in Christ alone,

Put off no armor at home…

Always be ready

Watchful and steady,

Till Christ has taken you Home!

–Jonathan Caswell

There are…

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