Magic Tools to Fight your Very First Wrinkles

Beauty and Gadgets

With today  environmental pollution, stress level and many other factors, wrinkles might appears at very young age.

Few months ago I have experienced a little shock when one morning I looked at myself in the mirror and to my huge surprise, noticed the appearance of one forehead wrinkle and  few under eyes ones. I was totally not ready to accept first signs of aging, as before every other mornings, I was checking out my reflection in the mirror very closely and have not seen this wrinkles coming.

As a result, I had to come up with express magic solution against first sign of aging. My research over the internet together with numerous consultations with beauty therapists, helped me to develop my first aid kit to fight my very first tiny wrinkles.
So, First of all:

* Do not panic. We are all aging at different time (more or less…

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5 Kickass Tips to Organize Your Life

That California Style

I’ll be the first to admit that I was an incredibly unorganized person until I got to college.  I didn’t take good notes in class, regularly procrastinated on assignments, flat out forgot to get things done, etc.


Today, I’m proud to say that I’m incredibly organized.  It’s an attribute I’ve come to value highly in myself and others.  Adding just a little bit of organization into your routine can take you surprisingly far down the path to success.  Even if organization doesn’t come easily to you, with a little practice these tips can quickly become habit.


In the spirit of springtime, the season of fresh starts, I thought I’d pass on my top 5 organizational tips to help get a handle on your daily life, both at work and at home:

1.  Make to-do listsI started making to-do lists every single day during college and it…

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Formidable Women – Marie Curie 1867-1934

Gerhart von Kap-herr


My third selection of ‘formidable women’ is Marie Curie, who had been honoured by none other than François Mitterrand, the 21st and longest-servingPresident of France (1981 until 1995) with the reburial of her and her husband’s bodies under the dome of the Panthéon, as he said, “in order to finally respect the equality of women and men before the law and in reality” (“pour respecter enfin….l’égalité des femmes et des hommes dans le droit comme dans les faits”).  Mitterrand’s gesture was of particular note not only because Marie Curie was being honoured for helping to increase the prestige of France in the scientific world, but because she was an immigrant, and perhaps most importantly, because she was a woman.

Marie Sklodowska, as she was known before marriage, was born in Warsaw in 1867. Although shy and introverted, she had a brilliant aptitude for study and a…

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A Bit About Nellie

Nellie Sheridan Wilson On the square


Welcome to the official web-page for the Nellie Sheridan Wilson Statue Committee.   In 2014,  members of the Perry County Historical and Cultural Arts Society formed a special committee in order to oversee the creation of a statue dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Nellie Sheridan Wilson.

It is the sole purpose of this website to offer insight into the life of Nellie Sheridan Wilson, a woman  who exhibited self-determination as a woman working in Appalachian Ohio at the turn of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth century.  It is the intention of this site to  promote an understanding of Nellie Sheridan Wilson, a most fascinating historical figure, and to illustrate her significant contributions to Somerset, Ohio and how regional identity,  family values,  community involvement, and  the societal norms of the day, aided in shaping her charming yet resilient character.

Nellie's mother,  Kate Gallin Nellie’s mother, Kate Gallin Sheridan

Nelie Sheridan Wilson…

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10 things I can’t live without

the learning, earning and fitness mama

1) A good book game-of-thrones

My favourite thing to do is read. Dr Seuss said ‘the more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more places you go.’ When I read, I get transported to another world, I’m a different person and I can  have 100 different experiences all in the comfort of my home. At the moment I am loving the Game of Thrones book set- dragons, lions and dwarves! Oh my!

2) Face cleanser

Most nights I can get at least 6-7 hours of sleep. When the little ones are unwell or have some serious gas going on down there- I’ll be lucky to get two hours of sleep. Enter miracle cream. Even after an all nighter I will force myself to cleanse my face in this stuff. It helps to un zombie-fy my face. My skin just loves me for it- so will…

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My tribute to …

Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley, OM (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981) was a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician. He was the rhythm guitarist and lead singer for the ska, rocksteady and reggae band Bob Marley & The Wailers (1963–1981). Marley remains the most widely known and revered performer of reggae music, and is credited with helping spread both Jamaican music and the Rastafari movement to a worldwide audience.[1]

Marley’s music was heavily influenced by the social issues of his homeland, and he is considered to have given voice to the specific political and cultural nexus of Jamaica.[2] His best-known hits include “I Shot the Sheriff“, “No Woman, No Cry“, “Could You Be Loved“, “Stir It Up“, “Jamming“, “Redemption Song“, “One Love” and, “Three Little Birds“,[3]

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The “American Dream” is the real problem. (response article)

Kamala Thompson

Bill O’Reilly, Russell Simmons Go Head-To-Head Over Violence In Black Communities”

“The bigger issue that you are not acknowledging is that the astronomical crime rate among young black men — violent crime — drives suspicion and hostility,” O’Reilly said. “You won’t acknowledge it, Russell. You won’t acknowledge it.”

“The crime rate is driven by the dissolution of the family,” O’Reilly argued. “No supervision, kids with no fathers — the black neighborhoods are devastated by the drug gangs who prey upon their own. That’s the problem!”

There are serious human rights issues being brought to the light, but little practical solutions being presented because we are not looking at the larger societal structures in place. So, let me break it down like this: We live in America, where we are corrupted by the overwhelming desire for financial prosperity and upward success, but not everyone in America has the resources…

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