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UBER! Are people getting wise to them yet?


Lots of secrets you didn’t know, and some you wish you still did not know.

Remember how Mom always told you not to get in cars with strangers? Ride-sharing services have turned that sage advice on its head.

It’s easy to see why. Using Uber is far easier than trying to hail a cab on a crowded corner. Just whip out your phone, log in to the app, tap for a ride, and then pay for it with another tap when you’ve reached your destination. These new services are cheaper than traditional taxis, too.

Drivers could be working for Uber AND a competitor. Reduces their downtime.

Uber execs will call for Lyft rides and then try to recruit the drivers. Henry, who’s been driving for about five months in Los Angeles, was approached by Uber and offered a $500 bonus for switching from Lyft. The next week he was back…

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