Post 1432: Dougy wants some, too! He thinks….

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Dougy’s ears perk up! Doug has something in his hands. Dougy suspects it’s meant for kitties, specifically Dougy the Persian kitty!

Dougy gets up to take a closer look. “Rats! Water!”


On top of it, it was flavored with lime. What a sad moment for my kitty boy!


[I am not promoting, nor am I compensated for featuring that specific water in my blog.]

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Lessons I learned from WordPress in absentia


Welcome to all my new follows! Thank you for stopping by and reading. Please know that I love getting to know my WordPress friends. Look forward to getting to know you through interactions.

Limiting ourselves in different ways, helps us grow. Strange but true. I try this on a daily basis for different “I cant live without xyz” thoughts. Lessons I learned from WordPress in absentia:

*Number one is that I am NOT indispensible on WordPress! Nor in Life: it carries on without me just fine, ambling along at work, at home, in a park, and so on.

* Taper your Meddle-ing instincts in other peoples’ affairs, what they do, is right for them🙏

Create a Paragon Of excellence, I tell the students, such that “you are the best you can be;” even if you Blossom into a fool 🤡(shakespearen clown) or a gorgeous phool फूल 🌺(flower).

* Focus

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The Benefits of a Blogging Break

Myths of the Mirror

Arches National Park, Utah – near my parents’ home.

I’m back from Colorado! Two weeks felt like a month, and though it was wonderful to be off-line, it feels good to be back.

Blogging Breaks seem to work miracles for me in avoiding burnout and reinvigorating my enthusiasm for this time-consuming endeavor. Seeking balance has been an ongoing challenge as my blog grows and worldwide friendships form with people I care about. It doesn’t help that there’s wonderful content all over blogland, too. It’s hard to look away.

A couple years ago, I tried taking weekends off from the blog, and it didn’t work. Notifications amassed, and I spent my Mondays staring at the laptop until my eyeballs shriveled. Days off due to other commitments had similar results – a constant stream of busy-ness of one type or another and days of playing catch-up. My writing time suffered, and my…

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