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Have you ever looked to the sky …wondering about where we are or what we mean in this life.

well i do…and after all this time of going through my school books of chemistry …i have come to a conclusion–surely you can understand that our solar system is similar to the structure of an atom..considering that…our sun is the neucleus and the planets-electrons,but in this whole universe there are a lot of solar systems…well then there are also many atoms present in matter…what i am trying to say is that —

what if we …not just us but all the constituents of this universe is just a part of a matter or substance…like what if we are actually a part of a nail used by a bigger existance and we are just invisible to them as we are in atomic level…

similarly what if in our current present world…these atoms…

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Review: ‘Witch Doctor, Vol. 1: Under the Knife’

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Penny Must Be Fed!

I am still doing a bit of catching up since Emerald City Comicon. It was a privilege to get to interview some of the folks connected with Skybound Entertainment, one of the imprints at Image Comics. While I was browsing through the tables at Artist Alley, I got to chat with Lukas Ketner and he has the distinction of being attached, with writer Brandon Seifert, to Witch Doctor, the first Skybound Original published by Skybound, beginning in June 2011. Lukas was fun to talk to and encouraged me to give Witch Doctor a try if I hadn’t already. Too often, it takes me a while to warm up to horror titles. But, if the title is good, I am liable to become one of its biggest fans. So is the case with the quirky, unpredictable, and totally entertaining Witch Doctor.

Dr. Morrow and…

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By the Mighty Mumford

We are sharing several New York Central Railroad pictures sent by Wayne Koch. The feature image at the top is famous locomotive 999. Picture taken at the 1948 Chicago Rail Fair by Ed Nowak. From the J. David Ingles Collection. The 999 Steam Locomotive was a new concept in speed locomotives. Engine 999 was assigned […]

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RAF Methwold – unassumingly famous.

Aviation Trails

The East Anglia countryside is littered with remnants of the Second World War. The massive build up that occurred here in the mid 1940s has led to changes in both landscape and culture, the ‘friendly invasion’ as it has become fondly known, had a huge impact on the towns and villages around here. An area rich in aviation history there are numerous tales of heroism and valour to be found.

Whilst on the eighth Trail of aviation sites, we stop at the former site that was RAF Methwold.

RAF Methwold

Methwold Village sign Methwold village sign

Located between Downham Market and Thetford, Methwold is a small rural setting on the edge of Thetford Forest. Its village sign and combined memorial, remind the passer-by of its strong air force links – a Lockheed Ventura taking off over the village church.

Methwold was actually built as a satellite for nearby RAF Feltwell and as such…

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Letters to the Power Plant #82 — More Training at Dell

Power Plant Men

After I left the power plant and went to work for Dell on August 20, 2001, I wrote letters back to my friends at the plant letting them know how things were going.  This is the eighty second letter I wrote.  Keep in mind that at the time when I originally penned this letter I didn’t intend on it being posted online.

8/22/03 —  More Training at Dell

Dear Sooner Plant Friends,

I have a few minutes while a database job is running to stop and write to you guys.  It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote, and I thought I would let you know how things are going.  “Thanks” for those of you who told me about Diana Brien’s accident.

I trust that she has recuperated, and is back at work lugging her tool bucket around repairing all the electrical equipment with lightning speed.  That was…

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November 1944 (1)

Pacific Paratrooper

Ordeal at Ormoc Bay Ordeal at Ormoc Bay, FEAF, by Steve Ferguson, and can be purchased here…

3 November – When the Japanese 57th Regiment arrived at Limon, Gen. Krueger’s 24th Division was on the other side of the mountain range.  Rather than attack the lightly defended enemy positions, he halted his troops.  For some reason, he was expecting a possible enemy amphibious landing and the US attack would not begin for 2 more days.

5→10 November – in the 19th year of Showa, for the Japanese, the G.I. mortar and machine-gun fire seemed to nearly wipe out the squad scaling the ridge.  As the brush caught fire, the Americans of I Company/3rd Battalion/21st Infantry Regiment/ 24th Division, attacked and charged over the ridge until the enemy’s big guns opened up.  Another Japanese force arrived and the US troops retreated.  This would be known as Breakneck Ridge [Yahiro Hill to the Japanese].

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