I had to call the guy who pumps out our septic tank this morning. He was supposed to do it at the end of October, but early November would have been fine. Apparently, he forgot. He has been coming here annually to take care of our personal ecological system since we moved here, so there’s nothing unusual about this request. In fact, he sent me a card to remind me it was “that time of the year” again.

Some time between the changing of the leaves and the falling of the snow, it’s time to pump the septic. It has gotten a bit crispy outside, so it is definitely that time of year. Humorously, today’s word is “sludge” and if what lays at the bottom of tank isn’t sludge, I don’t know what you would call it. In the course of living here, we have had to replace the well…

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Reymon de Real Photography

I consider myself very fortunate to live in this part of the country as other people have to save money and plan vacations just to experience this.  Meanwhile, I wake up to this every morning as part of my daily routine…I jump out of bed, put on my flipflops, leash my dog and walk 5 minutes to the beach to greet the sunrise. Each morning may not be as dreamy as this but watching the sun rise from the horizon is quite a liberating experience.  To live near the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is like living in a dream…and moving here is probably one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.  My encounter with the sunrise every morning rejuvinates and at the same time excites me…and thankfully, my ever reliable iPhone is always in my pocket ready to capture the promise of another beautiful day.

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Dreams are as personal as anything gets. Normal dreams are some kind of weird, twisted personal experience, set in a hazy backdrop of ordinary things turned upside down or sideways. This particular dream was unique because it wasn’t personal. 

It was a real dream — I’m not making this up — which wasn’t about me and mine, except tangentially. It was the “all of us,” the giant “we” of the world. I didn’t like it. It made me angry. Sad. I don’t know which emotion was stronger or more painful, but probably the sadness which I am still feeling.

Last foliage – November 8

Last night I dreamed about the world. Not our personal, individual world. It was about the “real world” of politics and malaise. I dreamed about migrant workers who pick grapes and were starving because the pay they got was not enough to live on. I…

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Happy Beaujolais Day!

One With Vino


You know the week before Thanksgiving has become a thing.   And if you want to call it another excuse to party, another excuse to eat, drink, and participate in merriment, I’m all for it.

Beaujolais Nouveau 2017 officially kicked off this past Thursday.  To me, it’s the precursor to all that’s great about the holidays.  And this is meant as the highest compliment.  It could just be another marketing gimmick, or another way to make a dollar, but who really cares?  Any reason to get together with the people you love, to drink some simple and affordable wines, eat a whole bunch of yummy food, and just hang out is better than any reason not to.

And if there’s more, and as long as it’s not overkill, I’m all for more genuine celebrations as long as it’s in a healthy, safe, and heartwarming manner.

This event truly warms my heart.

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Develop your Car Dealer Website with these Simple & Easy Steps

CarSpot - Car Dealer Classified Theme

Today I am going to show you how to develop your Car Dealer WordPress theme with simple steps in an easy way through Automotive WordPress Theme. In this article you’ll find all the answers of questions that blow in your mind while deciding to start a business website.


Initial Research: First you need to make an initial research of your new website. Let us consider that you want to develop a Car Dealer WordPress Theme for expanding your car business online. Keep in mind these tips:

  • Assess current website & social pages
  • Review current analytics data & trends
  • Examine competitor websites
  • Identify new website’s purpose, objectives & audience
  1. Scope

Just Make sure the scope of Automotive WordPress theme mentioned below before starting your development process otherwise it will may create problem in the in future for your site.

  • Identify required technical functionality
  • Define technical scope
  • Document scope in…

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Ghosts: Haunted Churches & Cathedrals!

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, have a look at this wonderful article from about  haunted churches and cathedrals – having worked in a haunted church when I lived in England and spent haunted time in a haunted cathedral here in the US, it got my attention!

via Top 10 Haunted Churches And Cathedrals – Listverse

For more ghosts (or haiku so bad it’s scary!) please see my amazon page, where my e-book titles are just 99 cents!  https:/

all books

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