Fantastic Photographs of young girls and Wild creatures by Katerina Plotnikova


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Katerina Plotnikova is a young Moscow-based fine art photographer who brings animals and humans together in her spiritual and magical photography. Her fairy-tale-inspired works recreate the long-lost or long-forgotten bond between animals and humans.

The unusual selection of animals in Plotnikova’s striking works and their tender interactions with humans make her photography seem like digitally enhanced artwork. However, all of the animals are real and alive. Plotnikova’s wild ideas materialized with the help of animal trainers as well as understanding and devoted professional models.

The contrast of the wild animals and their fragile-looking human partners make the scenes look serene, mystical and nostalgic, reminding us of the fundamental affinity of all living creatures.

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One-Liner Wednesday – Thank You

Yes, a funeral is amazing. You meet (re-meet) many friends

No Facilities

Last week, after we returned from my mother’s funeral in Pittsburgh, PA, I decided that today’s One-Liner Wednesday was going to be a “thank you” one-liner. We had encountered so many caring and supportive people; family, friends, friends of my mom and total strangers, that it seemed appropriate. Some of those people will be featured in future posts, who knows when – but they all need to be thanked.

Of course, later last week, Linda announced the contest for the new One-Liner Wednesday badge. I had been waiting for that announcement since last September, when I snapped the pictures of those birds. I submitted, you liked, you voted and I won. So, once again, “Thank You!” seems to be a good thing to be saying.

Thank You So Much!

As for the one-liner, I’m going to go pick on one of those total strangers. After the funeral, Faith and I…

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Raindrops on roses


This is a recent photograph

taken after a rainy afternoon as

I took my trash out, passing

a heavenly scent of roses.

“The Sound of Music” song’s
~ “My Favorite Things” ~ lyrics
were playing in my mind. They

include “raindrops on roses. . .”

(“whiskers on kittens. . .”)

My friend Deborah on her

blog Circadian Reflections, has

two posts which will send your

emotions soaring with, “Gears”

or new technology. Using her

Lens Baby Composer Pro,

she captured roses,

bird of paradise flower,

“Arizona sunflowers
and More” post.

Here’s Deborah’s link:

Trust me, you’ll enjoy the walk

through her artistic, blurred

edged, 3-D captures taken in

her neighborhood with

blooms on flowers.

Enjoy the “walk!”

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BrightLine Testng Trains In State Park


All Aboard Florida’s Brightline is testing its BrightBlue train on a 3-mile stretch of track in Jonathan Dickinson State Park, the company said Thursday.

A Palm Beach Post reporter spotted the train, named for the color of its passenger cars, traveling north near the area of County Line Road in Tequesta Thursday afternoon.

A company official said the park offers a section of track that does not have any rail crossings. The testing plan has been approved by the Federal Railroad Administration, she said.

In recent weeks, Brightline has also tested the BrightBlue train along a 9-mile-stretch of track that runs between Park Place in West Palm Beach and Central Boulevard in Lantana. That section has multiple rail crossings.

Brightline last month launched a safety campaign designed to warn students and those living near the FEC corridor about the dangers of walking along train tracks.

The company has asked cities…

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Having children


Sometimes people ask me why I haven’t had children yet. It is actually really f**king annoying!

I mostly answer with, “O I’ll have them soon” (which is usually met with a response of pure excitement); or “I just wanted to travel and experience life first” (which is usually met with a roll of the eyes); or “I wanted to wait until I’m married” (usually met with a sad sympathetic tilt of the head); or my personal favourite “I bloody hate children, they are so f**king annoying” (the best response if you want a sharp end to the conversation).

I’m sure being a mum is the greatest thing in the world, but the way I see it is why rush. Personally, I really do want to live and travel first. I want to be more financially and emotionally stable before I partake in the greatest journey of all. I guess I…

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