Lesson From Dad XVII ! / Compassion ! / Devotion.


To live a happy and comfortable life .

Learn from the achievers their pride and perseverance.

Learn from the poor ,their dreams and hopes .

Learn from older people , their patience and wisdom.

Learn from the children the innocence of heart.

Learn from those who are in love their compassion.

Learn from the birds ,their love for freedom .

Learn from the merciful people their devotion .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

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My Diary: The Sense Of Responsibility Needed To Be A Captain Of A Cloud

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

As usual for this day of the week I got up in a crepuscular dawn‭; ‬June emerged like a flock of seagulls in my wake.‭ ‬I caught the big red double decker mouth moments before it spoke,‭ ‬getting coughed out and then swallowed again on the silent side of the hill.‭ ‬With the defiance of music in my mind I noticed a tablature of rooks on a roof top but sadly couldn’t spot the lutenist.‭ ‬As the aged and arthritic giantess climbed the hill I saw the spot where a procession of medieval mourners had stopped,‭ ‬having missed their connection to the church.‭ ‬I got mine and met the old man dressed as a royal barge‭ ‬-‭ ‬we sailed down the Thames,‭ ‬talking of motorways in prehistory and the archeological significance of ancient traffic jams.

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Off-Beat October Humor

Seek The Best Blog


Laugh loud, often and long!

No truer words have ever been said 🙂

Is ‘truer’ a word?

Eh, I’ll google it later 😉

Anyway, I don’t know who said it first but Lady G has decided to claim it as her own personal motto!


And so…

I give you one of my all time favorite commercials!  This joint is from the early 1990’s and I bolt over with laughter EVER-Y-TIME I see it:

Video credit:  Topolewski

I know it’s a bit dark but it tickles the hell out of me.

How ’bout you?  Holler at me in comments 🙂

Smile, it’s almost hump day!

Lots of love to you!

Lady G😘💋

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A Mother’s Whispered Song

Myths of the Mirror

Amelia Bauerle (Bowerley) "Mermaid swimming with a child"Source: Amelia Bauerle (Bowerley) “Mermaid swimming with a child”

Branwen climbed into bed with her children and spread her cloak over them. Propped on an elbow, she brushed lank curls from small foreheads and looked into the dark eyes that peered back trustingly into hers. In whispered softness, she sang them to sleep.

Little fire, starry light, guide me on my path tonight
On waves of dreams, as you sleep, ‘cross the seas, calm and deep
Farewell to troubles, lay them low, sing the seamaids, soft and slow
Little star, flame above, sail away the night, my love                      – Eye of Blind

For several years, I had the great privilege of serving families in need. As part of my work, I was invited into homes and lives to guide, teach, nurture, and when I could, to gather baskets of memories…

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