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Some Days
by Philip Terman

Some days you have to turn off the news
and listen to the bird or truck
or the neighbor screaming out her life.
You have to close all the books and open
all the windows so that whatever swirls
inside can leave and whatever flutters
against the glass can enter. Some days
you have to unplug the phone and step
out to the porch and rock all afternoon
and allow the sun to tell you what to do.
The whole day has to lie ahead of you
like railroad tracks that drift off into gravel.
Some days you have to walk down the wooden
staircase through the evening fog to the river,
where the peach roses are closing,
sit on the grassy bank and wait for the two geese.

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How to Dig Through My Monica Closet in 8 Ways

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

So I’ve got this outside storage closet out on my balcony and I actually kind of forget about it because it’s tucked away and I just don’t ever need to access anything in there. But it’s also one of those spaces that I just take things out there because, “Oooh! I have that whole storage closet out there to put stuff in!” And then it goes there to die more than likely. I remember it, and then I forget it, and then I remember it, and then I forget it. You get the picture right?

Anywho, we had stopped using it completely for the last 6 months because we had stacked everything in it to a nice level surface so we could lay all the jeep windows and doors across it. So there was just no getting anything out of there even I wanted to. I finally convinced the boyfriend…

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Red Is Key


Having red in your wardrobe is key! It’s very captivating  and adds flare to any thread. Most importantly, I enjoy red because it is associated with so many great thing such as: strength, desire, determination and love. These characteristics describe me very well. Who would not want to be associated with a color so appealing?

What colors do you feel are a must have in your wardrobe?

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Fedora: Target

Shirt/Pants: JCpenney

Pin Lapel: Perry Ellis

Belt: Michael Kor

Loafers: Aldo


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I Remember You and the Amber Moon, a poem … and therein lies your Wednesday Writing Prompt

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

file3761333734081When I remember you
I remember the amber moon
and the burnished brown of old oaks,
their leaves like hands waving goodbye
Summertime, as dusk transitioned to dark,
we’d sit on the beach by slow cooking-fires,
their coals gone from hard black to gray dust
I cherished your warm hug in the chill of the night
and falling asleep, safe

I stopped loving you,
but I never stopped loving the memory of you
I carry that with me on lunatic trips of the heart ~
though my preference is to rest solitary on forest logs
with their stunning imperfections and those
secret-lives swirling in the sunless damp on which they rest

I think of the path that led from then to now,
a mix of smooth and rough along a rocky coast ~
I live near the sea to breathe
I imagine you living, wherever you are
by an ocean with…

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