“Beyond the Wave and Foam”, Part 8

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Part 8

By the third day of lagoon swimming Calista had managed to swim out as far as a two and a half from Johnson Island, and Harmony, visiting the other bodies that existed within the atoll: Akau, Hikina, and Sand Islands.  Like most of Johnson Islands, the other three were man-made, created from dredged coral. Calista needed to sit on the north shore of Sand Island as she didn’t believe she was strong enough to swim the remaining mile and a half back to her bungalow.

While resting Calista asked Harmony a question that has been on her mind for the last day. “Do you miss the land?”

Harmony gave her mentee a questioning look. “You mean as ‘Do you miss not being able to walk on dry land?'”


“Hum.” She considered the question for a second. “No.”

“Not at all?”

Harmony lifted her tail out of the…

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