How to Fab it Up With 5 Things

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

So, like I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a bandwagonner and easily peer pressured. It all started when I started watching The Bachelor…specifically, Juan Pablo’s season (man, was that guy a tool). And then I found my favorite girls on the show, started following them on Instagram, and then it’s been an ongoing cycle ever since. Every so often I see all of them post their pictures about their FabFitFun boxes they received. I looked into it right away!

At the time, I decided to pass. Have a little self control. And I just kept watching all these girls post about their boxes. THEN, this month, my friend posted that she got one! Okay. If she got one, then I totally NEED one! So I signed up right there, and got my box a few days later! Let me tell you…BEST DECISION EVER.

I’m going to tell you what…

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Don’t Drive Without A Dashboard


Supply chain processes throw off a lot of data. If you’re a successful supplier who fulfills a significant number of orders then you understand that the detail of the transactions generated by orders, shipments, receipts, and all the miscellaneous transactions associated with every order is just too much to be able to read through, much less make sense of. But every part of your operation from your suppliers to your customers demand some kind of accountability, and it’s your responsibility to know of any problems or even potential problems long before everyone else. But with all the data flowing through your systems, is it even possible to separate the standard data from the trouble signals?

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