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The first Beatitude speaks of those who are “poor in spirit”. Much has been made about the difference between Matthew’s language and that of Luke in Luke 6:20, for Luke merely says “the poor”. Does Matthew have more in mind than mere economic circumstances?

I’m happy to let others argue, but it seems to me that Matthew, a Jew, might be aware of the Old Testament idea of poverty not only in literal terms, but as a state of mind as well, for the Hebrew word for “poor” has this additional connotation to it. In those days, a poor person not only had to deal with bad economic circumstances, they also had to contend with the fact that they had fewer rights in society, for then as now, they lacked the resources to enforce their rights; consequently they were at the mercy of others.

Living in such a state made…

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Why I Don’t Vaccinate My Children

I Ruin Joy

why-i-dont-vaccinate-my-children1. I’m an idiot
2. I don’t like poking holes in my children
3. Needles are scary
4. I like when my kids get sick and almost die
5. I like wheelchairs
6. It’s funny watching my children suffer
7. I like getting other people really sick
8. I want everyone to get sick and die
9. I don’t give a shit about you or your children

Yep, all true. All of this is true. Well, except I DID vaccinate my children, look at them walking around all alive and shit, it’s awesome.

PS if you don’t vaccinate your children I’d like to know why.

Edited to add: I do not mean vaccines for chicken pox, HPV or the flu. These are voluntary and you should use caution before making those decisions.

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Monster Mash Invasion Redux

Imagine my surprise

late one night

out shopping all day

home within sight

My house all lit up

as if a party was on

there in my car

I was all alone

Nevertheless, I went inside

with what greeted me

no place to hide

Party on full

lights on bright

a host of monsters

gave me a fright!

For while I was out,

spending my cash

My home became host

to the Monster Mash

There was Frankie and Lilith

dancing a twirl

and Igor and Dracula

biting a girl

My antique lamp toppled

green slime on the rug

my shock when the

Wolfman asked for a hug

Frankenstein and a goblin

macarena dancing

Jason and a witch

Halloween romancing

Frankie said for you,

“This mash was meant too”

I had nowhere to run

and what could I do?

I sampled witches’ brew

that I think was plain rum

declined the…

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Pill Reminder 

Apps Reviewed

Medisafe is capable of managing drugs for many complex health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It also acts as a perfect companion for those who need a mobile organizer for vitamins, blood pressure meds, glucose level tracking, period tracking, and other health concerns. With a few simple steps, you can add a medication, get reminders for taking pills, and receive constant tracking of your health

progress. Add your family member’s medications or have a caregiver manage your meds as prescribed. Medisafe incorporates alarms and trackers to remind you when to take your medication or when your loved ones need it.

FREE MediSafe Features: Intuitive visual interface with easy-to-use medication reminder. Sync family members’ devices and medications in real time. Track other measurements – such as blood pressure, weight – to make sure you’re in great health. Choose your medication reminder sound, View your medication reminder list…

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