By the Mighty Mumford

We find one to cleave to,

then find another new…

Who seems to be


Designed…just…for you!

One sees, perhaps in dread,

They’re with someone else instead….

Luck of the draw

(Luck’s a big flaw),

Change now, you’d be out of your head.


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Simple or Stupid

Classic or Plain

Slow or attentive

Those is the woes of the mediocre

Those who have ambition but not the vision

Those who try hard but not hard enough

Able but never exceptional

You may not be a supermodel, with quick wit or charm

You may not change the world with a noble prize under the arm

You may be a Bridget Jones

But where is the harm?

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Romper + Wedges =Summer



Hello Beauties:)

Happy Sunday!!! New day and new outfit on the blog today.

I am so in love with this weather!!! I wish summer would last forever, thus I could wear rompers and platform wedges all year long…I know, I know…You are probably thinking: “How come do you like hot weather, when you live in Canada?” Great question that I don’t have an answer for…Haha…Sometimes I think I had to be born somewhere in the warm country by the ocean…But this is just a dream and I have to enjoy summer while I can 🙂

Last year I have purchased this cute romper from Marciano store and since then I wear it on repeat, whether I am going out or just strolling around the city 🙂 Seriously, the best piece of clothing in my closet and the best part you don’t need to add any type of accessories, because it’s…

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