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The Problem With Forever

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Genre: YA | Contemporary High School Romance | Abuse
Read Count: 1
Published: May 17th, 2016
Pages: 480 pages
Format: Hardcover
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Average Rating: stars
My Rating: 4.5 kisses

This book arrived Wednesday night, and I was on the couch as soon as the packaging was tore off… and didn’t get up until I was finished. What a phenomenal ride!

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San Francisco

Grumpy Railroad

I decided to drive up to San Francisco today so I could watch one of my friends play some volleyball.   Since I ALWAYS wake early I knew I would have a chance to get some good photos.   I was hoping for a nice quiet morning.  I guess I should have known half of SF would be up at the crack of dawn to meet me!  haha  but that made it kind of fun!

I started out driving out to California Street, I knew looking down I would see a great view,  I was not disappointed.   I then headed down to the bay bridge, Then up to Twin Peaks and later off to Chrissy Field.    I’m now eating pizza at Village Pizza as I post and wait for Maggs game.   Might have to head out to Golden Gate Park before hand!


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When life gives you lemons.


Life is hard. You have to be successful, otherwise you will be crushed in this big bad world. ‘

This used to be my ideology until I graduated from high school.

Make plans, work hard and you will surely succeed.’ — This was my only mantra for life.

But I never thought of a situation of what if my plans didn’t work. Maybe I can switch to Plan B or Plan C.   Right?

Everything was easy in high school. There were no worries. Although I shall admit that I was focused but a scared girl. Scared of obstacles, competition and failure.

And then I met this Hero. Or I shall say ‘My Hero’. Just another man until I came to know about things. He was a lucky guy who had everything in life. Appreciable grades in school, good friends, lovely family, and a good reputation in society…

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The Street Lamp

The Inspiration Shots

iPhoneOgraphy – 16 Aug 2016 (Day 229/366)

A street light, light pole, lamppost, street lamp, light standard, or lamp standard is a raised source of light on the edge of a road or walkway. Modern lamps may also have light-sensitive photocells that activate automatically when light is or is not needed: dusk, dawn, or the onset of dark weather. This function in older lighting systems could have been performed with the aid of a solar dial. Many street light systems are being connected underground instead of wiring from one utility post to another.

Early lamps were used by Greek and Roman civilizations, where light primarily served the purpose of security, both to protect the wanderer from tripping on the path over something or keeping the potential robbers at bay. At that time oil lamps were used predominantly as they provided a long-lasting and moderate flame. The Romans had a word…

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