The Yuan Joins Elite Class Joining The International Monetary Fund

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(This article is the courtesy of the Shanghai Daily News)

Yuan joins elite club of reserve currencies

THE yuan’s inclusion in the International Monetary Fund’s elite reserve currency basket on Saturday was hailed by Chinese businesses and analysts as a “historic moment.”

“Ten years ago, the yuan could hardly go out of the country. But now China’s opening-up and huge economic size has made it more and more popular in the international market,” said Lu Jian, vice president of Guangdong Guangken Rubber Group Co Ltd.

Early this year, Guangken Rubber launched a US$270 million bid for Thailand’s Thai Hua Rubber, the world’s third-largest rubber producer.

The company then sought loans from domestic and overseas banks, with some offering to fund its bid in yuan.

The acquisition in yuan helps reduce foreign exchange risks as well as fund-raising costs, said Lu.

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The playground

Sun GazingWhich gemstone are you?

Much more extraordinary than an ordinary diamond, the red diamond represents your fiery and energetic aura.

Courageous and confident, you’re a lover of exploration with a blazing passion for adventure.

While sometimes you’re a bit impulsive, you live a life full of excitement.

Just remember to try and take a deep breath before reacting aggressively and most importantly, shine bright like a diamond!


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Searching for love, like

Catch cluttering butterfly

Ignored, came both, xo

It is like this, you search for happiness and love, the more you try to find it, the more it seems to go away, we would think we have almost got it, like the failed attempts to catch the cluttering butterfly from flower to flower. The more we try to catch it, the more it chases. So, ignore it and sit at a place, it shall come flying and shall rest on our chest or cheeks. So is love and happiness, the more you try to find it the more illusory it looks and almost makes one, to further not to attempt. The more the greed to find happiness in the mundane world the more it chases. When one ignores his/her wanting, love and happiness shall come in swift.

So, both LOVE and the BUTTERFLY…

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Haddon Musings


Tomorrow it will be my pleasure to talk about artist Katie Paterson, for whom books remain completely bound with the future, the earth and the paper they’re printed on. This relationship inspired her project “Future Library,” in which she’s commissioning authors to help write 100 works to be kept in the trust for 100 years. They will be published in a limited-edition anthology in 2114, on paper made from 1,000 Norwegian spruce trees planted near Oslo last year.


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