I Used To

Poems by Mandy


I used to run in the fields
Under the light blue sky
Pulling out weeds
And catching butterflies
The trees made a melody
As I raced around them
I played aimlessly
Felt overwhelmed
With the stunning
Beauty that surrounded me
As I was running
Carelessly in the fields
When I was young
Jumping in the mud
Under the bright sun
That was the best feeling
I had as a child
I felt completely free
A place where I
Allowed myself to smile

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How We Dress … Why having Pictures does not Suit us — Women in Livingness Blog

By the Mighty Mumford

I went shopping the other day for some nice warm vests or sweaters. I have been having some trouble finding one as I find the fashion at the moment very ‘baggy’ for women. With that I mean that it is very wide and does not show much of our bodies. I would find myself wondering […]

via How We Dress … Why having Pictures does not Suit us — Women in Livingness Blog

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3 Haiku Poems – Unshaded

Poet Rummager

Illustration by Poet Rummager

Emotions tethered.
All my life, I’ve walked the Earth.
My pace was measured.

What is this that beats
when for so long all was still?
My chilled heart now leaps.

Shadows have faded.
Light around you, surrounds me –
my soul unshaded.

Video by Poet Rummager

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Thursday’s Doors ~ the ‘burbs of Cleveland, Ohio


When I woke up at my brother,

Rich and Susan’s house,

ate my breakfast and

sipped hot coffee,

little did I expect

the baby fawns to be

out decorating the lawn,

across the street!

They live by North Olmsted park

where deer groups or families

congregate and roam freely.

This is part of a series of

photographs taken up

in the suburbs on

the “West side”

of a rock and roll

city called Cleveland!

Check out more doors ~

Here’s a host with the most,

Canada fellow blogger,

Norm Frampton:


Happy doors hunting from all over!

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If the flowers are daisies. . . .


. . . there must be you, Pauline.

My friend who paints, enchants

me with glittering danglers,

surprises me with pretty

wide-eyed, eyelashed

young women and

rainbow colored

dream catchers,




high among

the stars and

into the galaxy!

Her recent daisy painting,

has multiple trademark

pastels in mint green,

turquoise, purple

and light lavender.

The white petals are wispy

at tips and her yellow centers

become defined by brown,

golden-edged shadows.

Please feel Pauline’s touch

upon your soul, as you

check out her art

and recent




~~~~ * ° * ~~~~

Oh, and please don’t eat the daisies!

(a bow to essayist Jean Kerr, 1957 book)

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One-Liner Wednesday – Try the Other Door

No Facilities

Um, excuse me…this is a dog, you know

Monday and Tuesday gave us a break from almost a week of hot – 90°f (32.2°c) – days. Monday brought some heavy rain, but yesterday was just a cool, cloudy day. Maddie looked at me as if to say “it’s not too hot to sit outside today” then she looked at her cot, which is her subtle way of hinting. So, we sat.

After a few minutes, I noticed Maddie focusing on the driveway. The little guy in the photos kept getting closer, stopping only to stand for a while in that cute “do you have some nuts for me?” pose.

I tried to explain that Maddie really is dangerous. Then I told the squirrel to try the front yard.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. You can follow…

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