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Temple Cockerels

Don Charisma

Cockerels are pretty spectacular things to observe, there is something very masculine about them, always they stand very upright, as if ready for action at any minute. Obvious treat them with respect they can be very aggressive and territorial.

These guys are pretty small for chickens, might even be bantams, but I’m no chicken expert.

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

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Vive la Revolution! But I need my Prozac first.


Walter-10_profileHello, I’m Carol’s brother, Walter. You probably know me already. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately and find myself getting a little down. Mostly I can’t figure out why it is that humans love cats so much more than dogs? Carol has a blog and humans actually read it. Have you really thought about that, dear human?!

Just a few internet searches and one quickly sees that cats are everywhere. An article in The Guardian says that cats are more popular because dogs “are trying too hard.” The article went on to say that dogs are “desperately trying to impress you – longing for your validation and approval,” whereas cats’ behavior is “cool, and effortless, and devoid of any concern about what you might think.”

Am I trying too hard? What will it take to get you to like me more than Carol?

cuteness Do you see what I…

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only 2 settings for the cat: at rest and in hyper mode


There appear to be only 2 speeds for our young house cat.  At rest, he is calm and mostly still and lets us pet him, or he cleans and grooms himself with his tongue and fore paw, or he takes a nap.  But, after a while, the energy he has inside presses to find an outlet.  Then, he switches into hyper or over drive mode – running and jumping and climbing for long periods of time.  It seems that only sheer exhaustion can take him back down to the at rest setting.

Lucy refers to him as the “little rascal”.  He looks innocent here, but he is very mischievous at times.  The cat is sitting in an old stand for a house plant.

a little rascal

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Lions and tigers and logistics, oh my! How do you move a circus?


Some circus fans come for the elephants, the giraffes, the trapeze acts.
Some come to look at the train.
Circus Train: Long Island City
Circus Train: Long Island City
We have been writing about circus trains for a long time:   Circus Trains: The Second Greatest Show on Earth
“Rail and circus go together like peanut butter and jelly,” said John Williams, director of rail operations for Florida East Coast Railway, which is moving the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus circus from Miami to Jacksonville on Tuesday, as it makes its way to its next stop in Nashville.
“It’s an historic event,” he said. “Rail fans come and take pictures of the trains as they pass by. Florida East Coast has been doing this for at least 32 years, but transporting the circus equipment and animals and people has been around since the railraod.”
Circus Train: Long Island City
Circus Train: Long Island City
Maintaining that history is no…

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