Jewelry Bracketology & Why Women Are Good At March Madness Picks

Oaks Jewelry Boutique

On any given day/night, any given team can win! That’s why anyone’s guess is good when it comes to March madness and why statistically women are sometimes better. We don’t get into a lot of the commentary and statistics but somehow we seem to just get it. That’s my analysis anyway.

On to a more fun topic. I made a jewelry bracket that I think you all will get a kick out of. You will see that I have a few surprising upsets (such as in basketball). The gemstone ring beats out the hoop earrings and the bangle bracelet beats out the traditional diamond band. My bracket winner is the vintage keepsake! I would love to hear your thoughts and analysis on my bracket predictions. Let me know if you would like a copy of a blank jewelry bracket. Happy March Madness!!!


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Last Sea World Orca Calf Has Been Born

Blog of Things:

KMBCwrote an article about the recent Killer Whale cafe born at one of Sea Worlds locations. This being the last one being born in captivity makes this some special. While being able to see something like this is great for science and for visitors, keeping such big animals in small enclosures is not great. Much of the new regulations were brought on by activist and the movie Blackfish, which aired on CNN. It is a shame that possibly in my lifetime people will not get to see these animals up close. But it may be for the best they do not have to be confined to such small encloseres.

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Woof – I Got This One

No Facilities

This is Maddie talking, and this post is mine. The topic Linda put out there for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is not going to go the way he thought.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “yard.” Use it any way you’d like. You can even add letters to it to make a whole new word! Have fun!

Minor League Standings

He wanted to talk about baseball. As in the Hartford Yard Goats. Let me tell you, that’s a sad story. He would tell you how wonderful it is that they finally opened their new – $71 Million – stadium. I say it’s a waste. Total waste. $71 million spent and no dogs allowed on the grass. Well, unless you consider the Portland Sea Dogs, who seem to be doing pretty well. At least the Yard Goats are doing better than the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

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Lehigh Valley Railroad Had MilkTrains Too!


Lehigh Valley in Eastern Pennslyvania in the 1920’s and 1930’s included extensive milk train operations. The LV owned at least 135 refregerated milk cars and operated two heavy fast first class milk trains from Sayre, PA to New York city each day. These trains were somewhere between 20 and 30 cars each. Also at least 8 local and branch line trains in New York and Pennslyvania that carried milk cars in the 20’s and 30’s before the cutback in rail service started.

Find even more about the Lehigh Vallley Railroad

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Speed of thoughts

Hi folks.

Did you ever ask yourself how fast our thoughts are? It’s an interesting question. I asked Leo and he said that it’s probably a little bit slower than the speed of light. And I can partly agree.

Sometimes our thoughts are slow, without any need to move away, no matter how much we want them to disappear. Forever. I felt how slow they can be last November when I couldn’t take it anymore and I totally broke down. Because you know what is more dangerous and a way more painful than falling from the highest mountain. It’s loving someone who doesn’t love you back.


I never knew the pain of heartbreaks before, I didn’t quite believed in them. I believed that I don’t need anyone at all, I thought that I’ll just walk away from this sorrowful thoughts in my head, like they’re nothing, like they don’t seem…

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Silly rocking chair chant


The OWU campus student union

has eight rocking chairs. Someday,

when Hendrix is bigger we shall

have to take a picture of me,

Nana, with all 7 grandies.

Until then, we take many

“Flashlight hikes,”

exploring college campus.

I let them shout for joy,

here in this photo.

We never have been

told to leave the premises.

Here’s a silly poem,

ditty or chant.

It goes loosely

to the tune of

“Rock around the Clock.”

(Thanks to “Happy Days” reruns

nearly everyone knows this tune.)


🎶 “Rock around the campus” 🎶

by Robin O. Cochran

“One o’clock, two o’clock. . .

it is nearly ten o’clock!

Rock around the campus,

Rock all night long,

Rock all day strong,

Rock and roll music streaming

from open college dorm windows.

Ten o’clock, eleven o’clock. . .

we can go past midnight!

Rock all night till

the morning’s light,

Rock all eve

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Kari’s Reckoning

Myths of the Mirror

She abandoned the view and walked, arm outstretched, slender fingertips leaving invisible ribbons where they glided across the smooth surface.

The unseamed gray of the floor, the cool walls, and flat ceiling held no memories of those who’d trod the halls before. They demanded no care, no cleaning, no mending, or maintenance. How long would the alien cities last unchanged, impervious to the passage of time? Another three hundred years? A millennium? Lives came and went, washing from the tiers’ petals like rainwater to the porous, wet world below. Was her life within these walls any more important, other than being hers?

Perhaps, only a world of wrinkles and grooves could capture the fragmented stories of wounded souls, hold them tight in the ashes and rubble. One required pitted stone and cracked wood, ragged bark and churned soil to heal a heart’s broken flesh. Her lover and daughter lived in…

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