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In January, 2007, a ROYAL TRAIN ran from Philadelphia to New York

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were guests of the Levin family. Amtrak’s role was limited to that of a support services contractor, providing locomotives, crew and track to Junita Terminal Company for their chartered special train. Amtrak made an incremental profit on operating the chartered special train for Juniata Terminal Company, as they do on all special train and private car moves.

Both the Prince and the Duchess enjoyed the trip, and the railroad experience. He was knowledgable and interested in the cars, and the rail operations from PHL to NYP.

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The Art of Noise: Hip-Hop Project

Brooke Brunson

A subcultural movement that began in the 1970’s, hip-hop has always been a musical outlet or form of self-expression for many people. With each rap and story-telling lyric that flows within the rhyme, there is always a message behind the music. On Friday January 9, 2015 I had a chance to check out an amazing event called “The Art of Noise: The Hip-Hop Project”.

10806364_986807814666505_7332974762598549356_n The host of the event was Philadelphia’s own Hakim Woods aka Haak Blast. A local MC, Promoter, and hip-hop enthusiast, he is heavily active within the hip-hop culture. Besides Hakim, two other important people that helped put together the event included local music producer, hip-hop enthusiast, and former DJ Carl Madison, and local producer, and hip-hop enthusiast DJ Tactics. Including some help from Philly blogger, writer, editor, and marketing skills expertise Lissa Alicia, she is also a writer for various magazines including Philadelphia’s fresh new entertainment…

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