Clinique Moisturisers and Sunscreens!


Winters are around the corner and we are in desperate need of a good moisturizer. So why not trying something new this winter? Moisturizers are cult no matter how many beauty products we use in our daily life, we can’t deny the importance of a moisturizer and sunscreen into our daily beauty regime. They will always be our saviours, guardians and protector. Yes, that is the kind of importance they hold in a girls life even the kind of ‘no make up’ girls can’t do without it. Although there are variety of moisturizers and sunscreen in the market from economic to expensive range. But the kind of credibility ‘Clinique’ provides can’t be denied. They are among the best in the market when we talk about moisturizer and sunscreen. Infact I don’t think that any other brand would be providing as much the variety as clinique provides for moisturizers which covers…

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Reymon de Real Photography

Living in sunny Florida is like a dream come true, however, not all dreams can be pleasant experiences. Sometimes, nightmares happen and sad to say, I am experiencing one right now. In a few hours, the eastern coastline of Florida will be hit by one of the strongest hurricane in about a decade. Hurricane Matthew is on its way to unleash his fury on the sunshine state and we are expecting for the worst and hoping for the best. Matthew is now a category 4 hurricane and will be closest to my home city of Fort Lauderdale around 7-8 pm today (about 4 hours from now). I just hope we don’t get hit that bad later tonight…wish me luck, guys!

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