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iPhoneOgraphy – 28 Oct 2016 (Day 302/366)

A tiara (from Latin: tiara, from Ancient Greek: τιάρα) is a jeweled, ornamental crown worn by women. It is worn during formal occasions, particularly if the dress code is white tie.

Today, the word “tiara” is often used interchangeably with the word “diadem”, and tiara is often translated to a word similar to diadem in other languages. Both words come from head ornaments worn by ancient men and women to denote high status. As Geoffrey Munn notes, “The word ‘tiara’ is actually Persian in origin — the name first denoted the high-peaked head-dresses of Persian kings, which were encircled by ‘diadems’ (bands of purple and white decoration). Now, it is used to describe almost every form of decorative head ornament.” Ancient Greeks and Romans used gold to make wreath-shaped head ornaments, while the Scythians’ resembled a stiff halo that would serve as the…

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A Word of Advice: Thief in the Coop


Hi Kally,

I wish to say that I always look forward in reading your articles during my lunchtime. Some of the tips you gave are really helpful, some even change my habits and made me a better manager.

Recently, I found myself in a dilemma. One of my team member have been stealing in the company. No biggie at first because it is just some stationary missing every week. Nobody even noticed it until someone alert that her personal items are missing but it wasn’t serious as it was a cup and she wasn’t sure that she had not misplace it somewhere in the workplace. But last week, we had two wallets and a mobile phone gone missing. This is getting serious!

My team is worried. One for their personal items and next for whoever is stealing must be within the team, upon caught it will be immediate dismissal. It…

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