By the Mighty Mumford

She insisted to put up the shade,

Content with sunshine displayed…

My darkened room–

A comfortable tomb–

Opened up and sun-rayed!

In nineteen eighty three

Was finishing a Master Degree…

My work in darkness

Mom didn’t protest,

She just came and sun-lighted me


Diana did near the same,

I was working with artificial flame…

She entered the room

Dispelling gloom,

Felt happier all the same.

–Jonathan Caswell

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Inspiration Breeds…


It is one of the joys of my life that: people who connect with my music and art sometimes make things inspired by them and send them to me.

These things come in all shapes and sizes. Artwork, novellas, choreographed dance works, jewellery, poetry, video, trippy audio files… you name it.

I find them all pretty damn cool – how could I not? But I’ve never posted any of them online.

Until today.

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Just keep BRAINS!

Hey there, Internet!

Lately my newsfeed seems to explode from all kind of different sites that collect money, Kickstarter, Patreon, whatever there might be. They often do have interesting projects but in the end something always kept me from spending my money to one of the advertised projects. This changed when Faderhead said he would like to try Kickstarter for his new album, FH-X. I can’t clearly say why this time i clicked the button but here are some positive things to think about when you see a crowd-founding thing next time and are not sure if you want to support.

1605 kickstarter faderhead fhx autograph

Worst thing: I have no clue where to put this because I am not a cd-collector and hence have no place where I am happy with them, yet!

Most of us know how much money we will make by the end of the month. For people who do…

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