By the Mighty Mumford

She insisted to put up the shade,

Content with sunshine displayed…

My darkened room–

A comfortable tomb–

Opened up and sun-rayed!

In nineteen eighty three

Was finishing a Master Degree…

My work in darkness

Mom didn’t protest,

She just came and sun-lighted me


Diana did near the same,

I was working with artificial flame…

She entered the room

Dispelling gloom,

Felt happier all the same.

–Jonathan Caswell

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STB: CSX must report blocked crossings on Chicago rail line


CSX will need to submit monthly reports for the next year that detail situations in which grade crossings are blocked by trains on its line in southwest Chicago and adjacent suburbs, the Surface Transportation Board (STB) ruled last week.

The STB ordered that CSX can’t operate trains into or out of the Chicago terminal over the Elsdon Line unless the line is clear, according to the agency’s decision.

The monthly reports must detail the railroad’s efforts to address malfunctioning gates, the number of crossing blockages that exceed 10 minutes, and situations in which trains are not being cut to avoid blocking crossings and why, according to a press release issued by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office.

In February, Emanuel and the village of Evergreen Park, Ill., filed a petition with the STB asking the agency to consider sanctions against CSX because of an “unacceptably high” number of freight trains blocking…

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What’s easier: to do burpees or refusing junk food?


037d4cc47b0b79858a852147a0d86933Damn, that’s lot of burpees to burn the calories of my burger, my french fries with a beer! I’m not saying you should avoid junk food for the rest of your life but you should no doubt think twice before going for it!

What’s easier? To do thousands of burpees or to avoid this  junk meal? I mean, a fast food is suppose to satisfy your for 1 hour max let’s say… But a healthy body can satisfy you for years!

Yes, i’m bad for posting this and using the culpability Technic on you  lol. Don’t worry, i’m far from what i’m preaching too but the thing is about being closer to your ultimate goal everyday :). So, if this poster can save you from one devilish meal lol…I will be able to say that my post did change the world lol!

Take care friends!


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