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Whitman’s Leaves

Elan Mudrow

a chimney

New city’s children

Too early for maturity

Play upon sheen, oily pavement

Dancing on calloused feet

Barely feeling the heated gravel

Until broken glass reminds them

They are to grow up

Before their time,

Before any time…and

Feed the gullet of infrastructure

Picked from the driest days

A brown spring plucked, to

Produce an eternally chilled

Perpetual youth food, and…

Management, world conditioning

That keeps all matter edible

From the Kuiper Belt to Atlantis

Where Metropole mouths eat

Whatever they want, how they want it

When they want it, even if it doesn’t

Want it…with a thousand

Colors of chalk and charcoal

Clutched in their chimney sweep hands

Drawing hopscotch rules

On top of parking lots

Spread out like barns on the plains, named…

Supermarkets of Lost Foods

Where tattooed hipsters smile

Calming the old children

With sugary whole grains

Warning them of impending

Plastic packaging, pointing to

Green spaces…

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