150 Years of Canada

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An important holiday is coming up, worthy of celebration throughout North America.  It’s a good day for fireworks, cold Molson, and generally sucking up to the youngest large nation of this continent if only because we we might need to flee that way soon.

July 1st is Canada Day, the celebration of Canadian independence on July 1st, 1867.  More or less, that is, because Canada became a nation slowly over the next 150 years.  It was a peaceful and orderly transition that fit with a people that are generally … peaceful and orderly.  We should celebrate by all rising for their national song:

Dum da-Dum da-Dum!
Dum da-Dum da-Dum!
Dum da-Dum da-Dum!
Dum da-Dum da-Dum! …

Whoops!  That’s their second national song.  But they get tired of people from the USofA singing “O Canada”, and only that part of the lyrics, as just about the only thing from…

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Thursday Doors ~ Red barn, painting in progress


There has been a groundskeeper

house and barn at our

local cemetery around

since the 1800’s.

This barn has a new coat

of red paint. . .

a work in progress!

~ Oak Grove Cemetery ~

334 South Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio


Please visit Norm Frampton’s blog!

Go to the above link to see doors

of so many kinds it will be amazing!

Peace 🕊

🎺 Taps

Faith 🀄

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A Heart to Give…by Carl Gooch

By the Mighty Mumford

A Heart To Give

There is a home waiting,
For all who bears Jesus’ name.
We see our brothers suffering
And recall He has done the same.

Streets run red with martyrs’ blood
And young men cry in the night.
But Christ has washed them clean
And turned their darkness into light.

The Lord has revealed to all,
To be saved there is only one.
He alone forgave from the cross
Our salvation is in God’s Son.

We see the pain of today
But we are free from those chains.
Christ has paid sins high price
And cleanse our guilty stains.

Brothers we are of royal blood,
God’s word is how we should live
Loving our neighbors as ourselves
We have two hands to serve,
And a heart to give.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 26 June 2017

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