Science And The Bible Agree On The Beginning Of Time People Just Don’t Realize It

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Science And The Bible Agree On The Beginning Of Time People Just Don’t Realize It

I hope that this title was able to get the attention of as many people as possible. Please, after you have read this, with and open mind, I hope that you will forward it onto all the people you know.

Are you familiar with the term “lying by omission”? My spouse uses that one on me every once in a while. She usually gets on me about it when she asks me things like how are you feeling today and I fail to inform her of each and everything that hurts that day. Sometimes if I just give her a general kind of canned answer is because I feel some things are not important enough to mention, sometimes I don’t feel like a conversation that to me just sounds like whining so I just say…

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The Best Gifts For The Traveler In Your Life


The best gifts are always those that show how much you know a person. That’s an ironclad rule across the board. A lot of us know a person to whom travel is more than just a yearly vacation, it’s part of their lifestyle. An itch they absolutely have to scratch. If you know someone bit by the travel bug, then a gift that fits that lifestyle can be the most valuable of all:

Their Memories:

Travelers like to do more than roam the world, many of them like to document it in some way. Gifts that can help them do that encourage them not only to do what they love but to keep sharing it. If they’re a photographer, then lenses, cases, tripods, and so on can help them take better pictures. A handmade, leather-bound notebook can encourage them to start keeping travel diaries. Even photo frames containing some…

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Bonita Beach sunset

Yes I did learn a lot from your blog!


My friend, Peggy sent this to me,

as I was editing it on my cellphone,


So sorry, my friends. . .

I accidentally published this

Bonita Beach, Florida photo

before I was finished with

writing this about what

I would consider

a beautiful

“postcard style”


Peggy boarded her

jet plane under less

favorable circumstances.

Unfortunately, she and her

brother, John, are settling

the estate of her mother’s.


When we used to go to Michaeli’s,

a Scottish pub, we would get up and

sing karaoke in front of other patrons.

My favorite memory was when she

had her boyfriend, Tim, and I had my

good guy friend, Bill. We were there

with Lu and her husband, Ray. The

other couple who joined us was

composed of Felda and Jason.

When Lu, Peggy and I got

up to sing: 🎼 🎵 🎶

“Leaving on a Jet Plane”

not many…

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Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Scientific studies now exist that defend
Stress as something good which we need to extend
Our productive lives,  as we get on in years.
So perhaps we should fuel, not conquer our fears
And dwell on what is scary in the world today
So we can keep our minds sharp and dotage at bay.

That’s easier today than it was in the past
Thanks to round-the-clock, in your face, varied and vast
News media, that seem to excel at frightening
(But not at their job – informing and enlightening!)

Illustration: Bangor Daily Tribune

Whenever we search for what we used to call “news”,
Major world events and leaders’ well-reasoned views,
The depths of human depravity appear
In bold print before our eyes or loudly in our ear.
We get endless non-reporting, in-depth and detail,
Of the endless ways in which the conscience can derail

A killer with a torture device collection,

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