New born


I had a life full of pain, troubles, betrayals, abandonment, confusion, lost love, loneliness and so on.

Nothing seemd to work no company or event that had a chance to make me smile lasted long.

It seemd like it’s going to be never ending and my life is worth nothing.

With all the above still being a part of my life one fine day while I was just sitting and wondering a star fell on me and took my life away.

I woke up wondering how am I still breathing? When I looked into the mirror it was a different person.

I am reborn and this me is beautiful, full of smiles, stronger than ever, successful, surrounded by love and peace.

Today I confirm I am the happiest person on this planet and I am waiting to share, HOW….

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When Readers Write

Cynthia Reyes

Photos by Hamlin Grange

One of the most enjoyable experiences I have as a writer of a newly published book is hearing from readers. It happened with my first book, A Good Home: I got hundreds of notes and cards from readers.

Book photos - cards from ReadersThis time, a new thing happened: readers started emailing me while still reading the book. Bloggers whom I knew and many readers whom I didn’t, wrote as they finished a chapter or part (the book has 3 parts).

I love it! 

I also love the surprises involved.

Jeanne at Still A Dreamer posted a beautiful remembrance of her dad’s garden.

I savoured every flower, every memory she described. Then, at the end of her post, came a surprise connection to An Honest House. A smile warmed my soul.  I was glad that reading about our farmhouse gardens had triggered Jeanne’s happy memories.

Blog Photo - White garden Bridal Wreath and ArbourBut when – over…

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