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A Heart to Give…by Carl Gooch

By the Mighty Mumford

A Heart To Give

There is a home waiting,
For all who bears Jesus’ name.
We see our brothers suffering
And recall He has done the same.

Streets run red with martyrs’ blood
And young men cry in the night.
But Christ has washed them clean
And turned their darkness into light.

The Lord has revealed to all,
To be saved there is only one.
He alone forgave from the cross
Our salvation is in God’s Son.

We see the pain of today
But we are free from those chains.
Christ has paid sins high price
And cleanse our guilty stains.

Brothers we are of royal blood,
God’s word is how we should live
Loving our neighbors as ourselves
We have two hands to serve,
And a heart to give.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 26 June 2017

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the power of “s”

The Monster in Your Closet

A few weeks ago, I read briefly from Michael Harrington’s Socialism. Early on, he used the word “socialisms.”

I stared at the word for a couple of minutes. For all the times I’ve read, heard, and spoken the word “socialism,” this was my first time encountering it with an “s” at the end.

The “s” highlighted how little I actually know about socialism. It taunted me with the implication that, as Neil Postman might caution, I knew little enough of socialism’s histories to know an “s” could even belong there.

Another book made me think about the power of “s” to provoke deeper reflection. Called Late American Holocausts, it forced me to confront the idea of multiple holocausts. As an American, I’d grown up with the idea there was but one.

Of course, without even having begun reading the book, I could already see precisely why many…

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A New Home

Roger Bussey

Planting Flag

The golden coloured surface
of Cirinius glowed in space,
mountains and rocks, dotted
across the snow covered surface.

A new home in the making
was within our grasp,
ten years in the planning
six months in space.

Planet Earth, now overcrowded
with need for space and food,
to house our population
before we go to war; for food.

Planting of the flag
and claiming the planet,
in Earth’s name
will always be remembered.

For the first humans
to step foot on this planet,
had but one simple task
to survive! to survive!

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