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Night Flight Night Flight

“Perhaps all romance is like that; not a contract between equal parties but an explosion of dreams and desires that can find no outlet in everyday life. Only a drama will do and while the fireworks last the sky is a different colour.” 
Jeanette Winterson – The Passion

They are waiting in the fading light as time overflow off Samhain. The tempest has gone and visitors are few underneath the leaded sky. They have followed you. Your massive hands are empty while my immaterial fingers hold up some meat, but they flock by your side.

There is an imaginary dialogue full of peaceful tensions, a delicate game of gazes and wings, loud voices and soft purring. This is when I know time has stopped in the air as the ocean continue soaring at our feet.

I wish for a dark feather to caress my cheek, a wing to…

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Haddon Musings



I invite you to come and join me on this pilgrimage to change the world through thankfulness.  Perhaps if enough of us join together we can change the negative climate that exists and is overtaking our planet. Together we can move our fellow citizens of to a better, higher and finer place.

Yesterday I had the honor of sharing a room filled with 960 people who had come together to raise money to fight breast cancer and ovarian cancer.  It was a celebration of the women who have survived these cancers and their medical professionals.  One of the keynote speakers was my friend Fran who has not only survived what life has pitched at her, she has grown into an even more amazing person and friend with every passing day.  I am so thankful to be Fran’s friend, and I…

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The Fight Against Ransomware Grows

The Arts Mechanical

This is a post series on cyber crime. For more posts click here or the cybercrime tag below.

It’s becoming clear that ransomware is an international and global problem. Also, that just everybody has skin in the game.  The more cooperation between the private computer security firms, government police and intelligence agencies and individuals to shut the these people down, the better.

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My Diary: Discovering A Plasticine Soul And Making It Into A Butterfly

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I woke up in a strange room in an even stranger house.‭ ‬June was downstairs talking to an open cupboard‭; ‬she shut the door quickly when I descended the stairs with an apricot fairy in my hands.‭ ‬When I gave it to her it had changed into a peach and family of sub-temporal snakes made a series of exclamation marks on the unreality of the wooden floor.‭ ‬I would have waited for‭ ‬a series of question marks to appear but the dog had already put on her reading glasses and was studying a map.‭ ‬I pulled a place off the paper and we suddenly found ourselves there‭ ‬-‭ ‬it was only when the clouds formed bookends for an extended line of unread books that I realised it was a long walk back.‭ ‬When we finally got in I found June sat on a shelf with the cupboard now talking to…

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Thurs. Aug. 25, 2016: Old and New

Ink In My Coffee

Thursday, August 25, 2016
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and hot

Busy few days at the theatre. I was so exhausted that I slept until nearly 10 AM today. Another week and a half, and I move on to the next adventure.

Haven’t been able to get enough writing in, which is very frustrating and throws me off my game on everything else. I plan to spend a good chunk of hours today writing – when I’m not catching up on laundry!

I only have one day off this week – Sunday – and next week I work straight through, but closing night is the 3rd. I can’t believe September is next week!

Getting in lots of research materials for the Victorian-era mystery set in Newport. I figured out the first three books of the series: Book 1 is in Newport, Book 2 in Saratoga, and Book 3 in New…

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