Keep the Faith

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

CNN was on in the background, the sound turned off. It didn’t matter, however, because the heat of the discussion came through in vivid colors all the same. It’s all bad, it’s all hot, it’s all gonna burn down.

With the sound off and other distractions around me, however, it was easy to find some kind of hope. People passed by the noise and hardly registered it all in the hotel lobby. Life went on. Life will go on, once this nonsense is all over in a month. What will go down then?

The short answer is that America will be the same, but America will never be the same. Trump and his people more or less promised us all along that they would burn it all down and they will. We live in a different nation now, one which will have to reboot somehow from the ashes of what…

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My Diary: Looking Up At The Giant Landmass Floating Above My Head

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

It rained like a multitude of country vicars all hitting the ground at the same time.‭ ‬Unfortunately I am now living in the town and passed several times of day with an anorexic Friar Tuck before the Celtic symbols on my spectacle lenses grew too big to look through.‭ ‬I hoovered the face on my studio floor knowing that June was downstairs curled up as a croquet ball waiting for Isis and Nephthys to come along holding a stick.‭ ‬Later she stood up as a solitary acacia in the dry ground under an opened umbrella while I curled up as a cricket ball waiting for Kali and Durga.‭ ‬After a quick lunch consisting of part of the Earth’s crust destined to form a new continent in the next epoch June took the acacia to town,‭ ‬coming home with jackal ears and a brand new jumper.

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