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The Falling Thoughts

Come and sit by my side and lets D-cide

How to prevent ourselves from being D-prived

I am your groom and you are my bride

Let’s D-sign our future and and never Resign

Together we will incline and D-cline

Let’s talk about the facts and find our D-facts

All the spyware and viruses

Let’s D-bug and D-tact

Lets make our love D-light and D-cent

Unique rare and D-frent

Let me hear the D-tails

Your Dreams, D-mands and

Everything you have got, I do admire

Let’s build the fence for our D-fence

Together we will offend and D-fend

Our love will never D-cend

From the B-gining to D-end


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

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By the Mighty Mumford


Men don’t like to quit,

But boy, he surely reached it…

It was too hot

His legs were shot,

He’d done less than half of it!

Clearing out the car

Only so far…

MOXIE soda–

One sip it’s over–

He needed a cool water jar.

Disposal in three bags,

Arrayed on his cart (no tags)…

Making slow work,

Hardly a perk,

No shade nearby to bag!

He worked as long as he could,

Not quite as long as would…

As he wearily clopped

Was it too soon he stopped?

The whole of him didn’t feel good.

–Jonathan Caswell,

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You Were Gone Too Soon

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire


You were gone too soon
Like a fleeting kiss of summer
When trees start to bloon
And there are flowers everywhere
You gifted us a moment
Of pure bliss and innocence

You were gone too soon
And with you a piece of our heart
How can we wake up in the morning
Knowing that you never will?
How can we look at the sunrise
Without remembering your smile?

You were gone too soon
A finality our tears cannot undo
Alone yet undaunted, you ventured
Into the murky unknown
Where no living mortals have ever treaded
A world beyond our grasp

Do you know we love you so?
And now we will miss you
Everyday. Every single day.
But we will find comfort in knowing
That when we search the night sky
You are already one of the dazzling stars

Note: I wrote this for my little cousin who passed away…

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Moment of Truth

DoubleU = W

I’ve watched you watch

yourself for hours now

moment of truth:

that reflection isn’t

going to change

unless you do

I’ve watched you tear

down all that you are

moment of truth:

if your mind has

become a wasteland

it’s up to you to change it

I’ve watched you squeeze

into the victim’s clothing

moment of truth:

you are not oppressed

and are only a victim

of your own mind


come to terms with

some simple truths:

you are not perfect

life is not perfect

they’re not out to get you

and life is not pointing

both barrels at you


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DoubleU = W

sometimes I hate myself

bouts of depression

fits of anger

when patience runs out

when apathy stands in the way of caring

moments of truth


sometimes I love myself

hours spent with a loved one

when I’m able to help

when overcoming an obstacle

when patience is plentiful

moments of truth


sometimes I don’t care


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Please read the poem. A powerful message by a amazing writer.


I Lived

A Story by Kathryn Smith(Thank you Kathryn)

Hope if everybody runs

you choose to stay


Some people believe in them.

Some people don’t.

I am living proof there is such thing as a miracle.

If you think about it, we all are.

Tomorrow I will be turning 23.

Each Birthday is such a triumph for me.  

When my mother was expecting me, I wasn’t growing.

No one could figure out why.

My parents took it so far to the highest scientific doctors and even they couldn’t find the reason.

I was due in September.

The doctors told my parents to get an abortion.

If they didn’t get an abortion, I wouldn’t survive.

If I did survive, I would most likely be severely handicapped.

If I lived, I would die by the time I was 3.

Thank God my parents had faith in me.

Most people these days…

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