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Swept Away to Ephesus


5 cents deposit for ♻️


Every bottle and can you buy there is a 5 cents deposit.  This is a wonderful ideal for the environment but hell for the consumer.

If you are not the frugal individual it is good to chuck the bottle and can into the recycling bin and put on the curb once a week and the town picks it up.

During the morning of the recycle pick up you see scavengers going through your box with gloves and big carry-alls picking out the 5 cents return bottles and cans.


I can be walking through a busy street and you see this Scavanger picking through the canister of public garbage full of coffee cups, half eaten sandwiches and newspapers.

Great,  an enterprising individual has implemented a way of making money out of the individuals that toss on the go. This tossing habit is from the uncaring human towards the environment.

I, will…

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What PR companies don’t understand

That Weird Girl Official

Welcome to That Weird Girl Official


Hello my lovelies!

I dived in the blogosphere quite late but you guys have supported me and made me heard. I can never in words describe what a lovely feeling it is! With my blog mainly focused on beauty and fashion (and a bit of this and that), there have been PR companies that have contacted me to review their products as they noticed you all coming in to read whatever I put up. I felt known and appreciated. I felt valued as a blogger and it was a delight knowing that people enjoyed reading what I was putting up.

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4 Tips to Help You Get Things Done.

Ordinary Adventures

Here’s a hypothetical story. Has this happened to you?

Ok, your time off has started. May it be your day off or the weekend or even your vacation time, you’re finally free. You’ve been waiting to finally finish that project, or clean up the house, or even just run some errands. But there’s also that TV show you’ve wanted to see… And a nap doesn’t sound that bad… Suddenly, before you know it, it’s Monday again and you realize you haven’t gotten anything done!

I know this has happened to me a ton of times. Even with my own systems in place, I always seem to waste some time doing something I didn’t really want to do, or at least didn’t get something done that I needed to. When this happens I usually feel defeated and frustrated. The thing is, I enjoy getting tasks done, but sometimes it’s hard to buckle…

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