Like Glass

Kevin Brown Poetry

I remember – now.

I think, of how -

You felt the sand grains,

Move and shift,

Beneath your feet.

Great rocks, grown smaller -

Into pebbles, smaller still,

Have come to settle,

In this small bay.

Mighty continents sprawl,

Between your toes,

Worn down over time,

And yet -

When, in furnace placed,

The dull yellows, the browns,

Transform, and become like glass.

Becoming not darker,

By time and pressures hand,

But clearer still, and reflective -

A beauty created,

A clarity obtained.

Kevin Brown © 16.10.2016

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The expression on this cat’s face reflects many of the thoughts in my head.

White Padded Room

*Disclaimer:  this black cat is not mine.  However, if I do get a cat, y’all will be the first to know.  I have almost exclusively owned black cats and am seriously thinking of getting one.  To share space with Kelto, of course.

If I may quote the extraordinary Jenny Lawson:

A little bit of filth should not stand in the way of happiness. In fact, a little bit of filth is sometimes the only road to happiness.

Last week my mother said my bedroom smelled pretty bad and that she should come in and vacuum, change the mattress cover, wash the duvet, the duvet cover, the pillows, the pillowcases, the pillowcase covers, do the blinds, and dust.  I want to be VERY clear here that she means well and wants to help.  Like a little kid, I just stood there and farted really quiet like. And the expression on my…

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How to Dig Through My Pumpkin in 6 Ways

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

Let me just say….YUCK. I didn’t like it.

BUT it was the most perfect fall rainy day, so me and my girls started the day with brunch and mimosas (of course) and then went to pick up some pumpkins. We got home, set up our carving station, popped open some beers, and got down to business! I think the last time I carved a pumpkin was a couple of years ago and I begged the boyfriend to clean it out because I was just not into that.

Now, fast forward to yesterday, and here I am digging out this pumpkin; scraping, pulling, scooping, all of it’s guts out. It was squishy, wet, stringy, slimy, it was just not my cup of tea. But just as my friend told me, “You’ll appreciate it more when it’s done this way.” And she was right. I’m so proud of my jack-o-lantern! It’s so pretty…

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King of Math

Apps Reviewed

King of Maths Junior is a mathematics game in a medieval environment where you climb the social ladder by answering maths questions and solving puzzles. Collect stars, get medals and compete against friends and family. King of Maths Junior is suitable for age 6 and up and introduces mathematics in an accessible and inspiring manner. Players are encouraged to think for themselves and see mathematical concepts from different angles by solving problems in many areas. The graphics and interface are simple and tends to get like school book. Not much fun but useful.

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Kisses in the sky

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Monday 15th August

There are kisses in the sky

Sent from you, so I don’t cry.

A great big cross, against the blue

Showing me that’s where you flew.

Through the clouds, to heaven above

We’re sending you all our love.

Looking up, to where you are

The best, the brightest, shining star.

Love you forever my darling Angel


A kiss from you x

Warm and sunny on the beach

Windy and choppy in the harbour

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