This is how ignorant you have to be to call Haiti a ‘shithole’

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This is how ignorant you have to be to call Haiti a ‘shithole’

President Trump’s defenders don’t know anything about Haiti’s history — or the United States’s.

 January 12 at 5:36 PM

Jonathan M. Katz, a freelance journalist, is the author of “The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster.” He is the director of the media and journalism initiative at Duke University’s John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute.
Long before ‘shithole,’ the U.S.-Haiti relationship was complicated

President Trump is under fire for referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries as “shithole countries.”

The president had no respect for Haiti. He could see as well as anyone following the news that the country was a basket case — wracked by…

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“DeSoto Plymouth Cartoon (1955) – Classic TV Commercial” 

Miss Back In The Day USA

Featured image:

A Full History of DeSoto

1929 DeSoto grille and emblem

Walter P. Chryslerintroduced DeSoto in the summer of 1928.

Chrysler’s announcement immediately attracted 500 dealers. By the time DeSoto production was in full swing at the end of 1928, there were 1,500 agencies selling the premier 1929 DeSoto Six. Demand rocketed.

During the first twelve months, DeSoto production set a record 81,065 cars. DeSoto built more cars during its first year than had Chrysler, Pontiac, or Graham-Paige. The record stood for nearly thirty years.

desoto logoThe car name honored Hernando de Soto, the 16th century Spaniard who discovered the Mississippi River and had covered more North American territory than any other early explorer(editor’s note: the Chrysler people were probably not aware ofHernando de Soto’s evildoings).

As a moniker, DeSoto reinforced the…

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Coffee Table Model Railroad With All the Bells and Whistles (and Lights and Sirens) — Hackaday

By the Mighty Mumford

For some, the allure of a real, physical world that you create and control is overwhelming. Combine that with a love of trains, and you get the model railroad. Some are incredibly detailed, and it seems like the larger the layout the better. Not everyone has the real-estate to devote to such a hobby, though, […]

via Coffee Table Model Railroad With All the Bells and Whistles (and Lights and Sirens) — Hackaday

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​How2 earn money as a WRITER

Life lessons

Being a writer is one of the best ways to make a living.

If and only if you are serious with the craft.

I have been a ghostwriter for a year now and I don’t regret having made that decision.

If you have some great skills in writing and you wanna make some money off of it then here are some ideas for you to make your dream a reality.


Ghostwriters are people hired to produce content, but the credit goes to the person who hired them.

Most of the content produced by ghostwriters are autobiographies, scripts and magazine articles.

I am better in autobiographies than in the rest.

So if you need an autobiography written for you, you can contact me onmy email

2.Affiliate marketing

This is the fastest way to make extra cash if you have a blog.

Add affiliate links anywhere in your blog and…

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