6 Months into the Journey


Hi y’all,

I am thankful and grateful.

MiddleMe is now 6 months old. With more than 600 followers, increasing everyday.

Many of you have given me strength and encouragement to continue with what I am doing with MiddleMe. Your comments, your words have been deeply appreciated and impacted me every single day. To write is my passion, to talk about careers and helping people realising theirs is my passion and to further confirmed that I am heading towards the right direction by you all… Thank You!

I would love to take this opportunity to specially thank those who did collaborations with me in the past few months.

Dr. Gulara Vincent
Coming Up Next: Allison and Hammad

Look out for more collaborations and interviews from all walk of life in the future updates. If you are holding a job I have not featured in MiddleMe…

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