Waging Peace

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Thanks to many of you who read here, the December issue of “The BeZine” with its special section “Waging Peace” went moderately viral with more visits and more shares through the whole diversity of social media than ever before. It did our hearts good. It was healing to see just how many people supported the ideas and ideals expressed in this special section. For those of you who missed “Waging Peace,” do your own heart good and check it out . . .

Waging Peace
An Interfaith Exploration

You are the promise . . . the one . . . the hope, Rev. Ben Meyers, Unitarian Universalist cleric

What Have We Done That People Can Pick Up Weapons and Kill?, Fr. Daniel Sormani, C.S.Sp., Catholic Priest

With Faith In Love Beyond All Beliefs, an open letter, Unitarian Universalist clerics

Dear Non-Muslim Allies,  Sofia Ali-Khan, Muslim activist for understanding


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50 Word Story: Warm Soup & Cold Company

Poet Rummager


A pot of potato soup warms on the stove. They eat in silence but keep eye contact. He reaches for her hand. She struggles not to cry.

Pounding and breaking of glass shatter the silence. The mob of dead walkers invades their home. Teeth and nails rip their love apart.

📷📷📷 This microfiction was inspired by a conversation with Francis of Qhapaq. Click here to check out his blog! 📷📷📷

☠☠☠ If you enjoy stories and films of creatures that never die, check out FlyTrapMan’s current posts! ☠☠☠

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Happy Friday!

Polished by Amy

Hey guys!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Thanksgiving! I currently am still enjoying family in town and eating lots of good food! How did your Thanksgiving go? I actually cooked an entire meal all by myself! This was the first time I had ever attempted cooking a turkey, but I was up for the challenge. Four and a half hours later, it was cooked perfectly if I do say so myself, haha!

Do you guys have any Thanksgiving traditions you’d like to share? My family usually eats all day, and shops online all night. If you’re looking for any good deals on a gift for your dad or any man in your life, we are having a Black Friday sale over at AllOut Adventure Supply! You can shop handmade accessories such as wallets, belts, coffee mugs, totes, and more for 25% off! The sale is going on…

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