Something New – 2016

Real Bold Truth


Happy New Year to all my RLRT readers! I am so excited about this New Year! As many are, I have identified some resolutions and am quickly putting action behind the vision!

The Real Life/Real Talk site is going through some changes! This is a very good thing! In 2016 the blog site will have:

A New Look withuser friendly navigation (Published Now~)

Monthly Video Blogs – (1st will be featured on Jan 5th)

Access to Instagram

Short Power Reads

And More…..

God said to write the vision and make it plain. (Habakkuk 2:2) Sometimes that vision has to be tweaked along the way as we learn from experienced bumps and bruises as we run thereby! That is ok and should be expected as well, as long as the vision is not abandoned!

My last blog post of 2015 said to “Stay Tuned”. Well that period was never intended to…

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Creativity and Corkboards

The Renegade Press


Imagine that your mind is a corkboard. It’s brand new; you haven’t yet amassed any photographs, receipts, or quotes to affix to it. Which means that right now it is lacking of any pinpricks, thumbtacks, or sticky notes taped to its surface. It is almost smooth to the touch; but if you run your hand over the cork there are small imperfections that snag on your palm where the face of the board is split to allow pins to sink into it. And there is a thin veneer of pine acting as a frame.

It sounds exciting doesn’t it? When someone asks you about your creative cognizance aren’t you just dying to tell them all about your plain brown corkboard that is completely devoid of any imagination or creativity?

…Probably not. But in actual fact so much of our creative impulses are unconsciously developed upon a mental corkboard nailed into…

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Social Media: Keeping in touch with friends and family as an expat

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

When you live abroad, it can be challenging keeping in touch with friends and family back home. However, thankfully we live in the 21st century in which technology plays an increasingly part of our daily lives. As such, the Internet opens a world of opportunities to stay connected as an expat.

Social Media

Personally, I use Skype and Facebook Messenger for texting and calling friends and family from. They are two easy and reliable programmes to use, which allow direct contact. I know some of my expat friends also use WhatsApp, however, I haven’t really tried that yet as I don’t really need anything but Skype and Facebook to keep in touch.
In this sense, though, social media is priceless to me. It allows me to keep in touch with my beloved ones without actually talking to them. Right now, where I’ve just moved to Amsterdam, started a new job and…

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Blurry decisions


My heart hurts why would you not need me, is it my hair my smile, the way I can not think of the right things to say in social situations. I cried all night, after lunch with you. When you told me we should not be together. You set it up in a public place so I would not overreact, but I could not help it, When you got a job in Adelaide I moved there to be with you, I thought we were going to be together, I could see myself living with you, maybe get married, on a warm day in spring. You got a job in Canada, I was happy for you, I thought that was the news you were here to tell me about over lunch, I held your hand, you moved it away and grabbed a glass of water. You say that you are going…

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We Are Always Landing On Our Feet

Through Open Lens

Common Merganser

F/8.0, 1/2000, ISO 800.

Common Merganser

Duck Week Last Day

A duck walks into a bar and says to the bar tender “I’ll have a beer”.

The bartender says “Hey! where did you come from?”

The duck says “I’m working the construction site across the street”.

And the bartender says, “Well why are you working construction when you could be making millions in the circus?”

And the duck said “What would the circus want with a brick laying duck?”

Interesting Fact: You may see gulls trailing flocks of foraging Common Mergansers. They wait for the ducks to come to the surface and then try to steal their prey rather than fishing on their own. Occasionally even a Bald Eagle will try to steal a fish from a merganser. ( )

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