My Eyes Have Opened

DoubleU = W

those nights when you thought

you might lose me, when

you were sure that tomorrow’s

call wouldn’t come, when

you were certain that we had

been together for the final time, when

you knew that an end was

drawing far too near


I felt it too and was just

as sure as you were, when

I was crawling my way to bed

only when it became necessity, when

I was lying awake for hours

planning my own interment, when

I felt sure that my eyes were closing

for the final time


let’s not be so sure again

my eyes have opened

often since then


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Emotional baggage

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Start of an affair
In deep blue sea
bodies get hot
from ever shining sun
minds just wander
into the depth of bay
he sees a girl
with eyes like ocean
Reaching his emotions
nearly drowns
in shallow water
words fumble
slow starter
Finally gather thoughts
Tell her a lie,
Tell her a joke
Make her smile
Make her hope
Get her hooked
start of the day
Let her carry him
All the way!

20140122-043946 am.jpg

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PINspiration Friday

2 Classy Sisters

Rachel’s Picks

  1. I’m obsessed with this skirt! This is for sure something I would wear, I love the colors and the length!
  2. This casual preppy look is so cute! I love how the plaid button up was added underneath the quarter zip.
  3. LOV E this plaid scarf with the white top. This outfit has so many great accessories.  I especially love the Celine bag! I could see myself wearing something very similar to this to class.

Michelle’s Picks

1) I love the combination of this camel sweater and navy vest!  I have similar pieces in my closet and will definitely be trying out this look in the near future! 2) Does anyone else feel this way?! I find myself in this situation often it seems!  3) I love the look of this casual dress.  I think it would be perfect for a day of shopping, running errands, or just hanging out!

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New Year in the Office

Chestnut and Acorn

Now that we’re well into January and most of us are back at work with new year resolutions about our diets and exercise regimes, how much have you considered extending those resolutions to your everyday desk habits? Many of us spend 7-8 hours a day sitting at a desk (maybe even more)! That’s a third of your day! But more than that, what you do during the working week is a great way to form habits because you work on a similar schedule (for the most part) every day! I have found that since I started attending fitness classes in my lunch break 3 times a week, I go to the classes more consistently and don’t even think about it anymore – I just do it. This is what makes the workplace an ideal place to form new habits!

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