Snowy Trosa

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

There’s white flings coming down from the sky today. Second time this season and first time this year. I want Spring instead, but January and February is often snow months.


Snowy Trosa Sweden

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New Year: 2016


The new year doesn’t unfold like dawn.

Instead it moves like a snail.

The last year was a depression.

I want every year to be sad when it ends.

A sweet sadness, an end and beginning.

My new year resolution made.

Soon will be broken.

But the light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter than fireworks.

A rock has lain unturned at my feet too long.

I think its times to show the world who I am.

To make friends, go places, and have fun.

So I welcome the new year.

For I am going to turn 2016 upside down.

Happy New Year.

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Find Your Fit

Glam Meets Girl

Fitbit, the company, is well known for their activity tracker products of the same name. The Fitbit Zip is their entry-level wireless activity tracker.

I am obsessed with my Fitbit Zip and it has to be one of the best investments thus far. It is a little device designed to track steps, distance, and calories burned and help you achieve your daily goals.

The LCD screen on the face of the Fitbit Zip provides easy readout of information such as steps taken, calories burned, and distance walked. It also shows the time. The different modes are cycled through by tapping on the gadget. It’s not touch screen. The Fitbit Zip simply sense that it’s been tapped.

I clip it onto my bra in the morning, and I don’t think about it until I shower or change for bed. The little clip is super snug, so I am not at all worried about losing…

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Travel: Top 10 Instagram Pictures of 2015


An end to a fabulous year and I thought of doing a summary of the top pictures from all the places we visited in 2015. Its like a recap of all the fun we had.

10 Most PopularInstagram (4)

These 10 of the most loved Pictures from my Instagram Gallery weave a story of our travels this year:

1. Toronto, Canada – Most popular picture from my Instagram gallery is of the beautiful Old City Hall in Toronto. This splendid architectural masterpiece stands right across the Nathan Phillips Square and looks perfect any day.

2. Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Bangalore gave us a wonderful beginning to the year, with the lovely weather and good times with friends. This picture is from one of those evenings when my hubby and I, spent some time in the serene Cubbon Park.

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love in nature


Title: tonight’s adventure

I begin this tale as I walk through the trees into the evening. The solid ground getting mushy. Walking through the water my puffy dress getting wet. I try and hold it up a bit but it is going to get soaked regardless. I move a hand through the water making ripples feeling the coolness of the water on my skin, and creeping up my legs. My hair flowing around my shoulders. Plants and flowers flow around, branching upwards from the water.

The cool air blowing my hair. I was not sure why I came this way, but remember the madness the confusion and the lust that spin in my mind when I think of you in the waters. The current curresing my curves. I can feel the flow on my thighs and lapping in between them. I think of you as the water touches me. The…

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