Thoughts While Watching Beauty and the Beast

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak


Hello, Disney Lovers! Watching a Disney movie is such a fun thing to do. It is even better when the Disney movie that I am watching is one of my favorites. This morning I sat down to watch my very favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. Here are some thoughts I was thinking when(and after) watching Beauty and the Beast:

•Yay, it is starting!!
•No one in the village wears blue besides Belle, so that symbolizes that she is very different, and unique.
•I would love to read the book Belle is obsessed about. “Here is when she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him ’til chapter three…” (Yes, I have totally memorized this film by heart.)
•Wow, Gaston, that is a great way to win Belle for yourself by throwing her book in mud!
•I did not know that they had underwear with hearts…

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Product Review: Makeup Forever Instant Brush Cleaner



It’s Sunday, which means product review day!

Every makeup geek must have a brush cleaner of some sort. Keeping your tools clean is absolutely essential for quality makeup application. I finally found a brush cleaner that works, and I’m excited to share about it!

Makeup Forever’s brush cleaning spray is to die for! It’s easy to use (just one spritz on the brush, wipe with a tissue and voila!) It’s also super inexpensive compared to other brush cleaners. BUT this one is high quality, so it won’t ruin your brushes or make them feel stiff.

I highly recommend this product to all my beauty fanatics out there!

Thanks for reading, my loves 🙂 til next time


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Maui – The road to Hana

A Note From Abroad

Sunday, January 17th ~ Maui, Hawaii

DSC02722 Ruby Princess

Taking the road to Hana has been on my wish list since the 1970’s when I visited Maui for the first time. I was so excited when booking an all-day tour that would pick us up in Lahaina, drive across the island to Kahului, then make the big loop that would include the seven sacred pools at Hana, continue around the dry side of the island, eventually returning to our ship. 

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Pen World:Defiance in the Face of Extreme Repression


DEFIANCE IN THE FACE OF EXPREME REPRESSION: “The PEN World series showcases the important work of the more than 140 centers that form PEN International. Each PEN center sets its own priorities, but they are united by their commitment to advocate for imperiled writers, promote literature from all cultures and in all languages, and advance the right of every individual to speak freely. In this series, PEN America interviews the leaders of different PEN centers from the global network to offer a window into the literary accomplishments and free expression challenges of their respective countries. – See more at:”  They’re posting one interview a month. So far they’ve covered Belarus, South Africa and Eritrea.IMG_8595

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