Reminders For The New Year

For The Love of Blonde

A few things to keep in mind this year…

  1. It’s okay to be scared: Do things that challenge you whether it’s starting a new workout plan or starting your own business. Let yourself be a little scared but also brave enough to conquer your fears, whatever they may be.
  2. If they mention it more than once, it’s bothering them.
  3. Do not change who you are to impress someone else: Who cares what anyone thinks? If a person doesn’t like the way you live; the way you look to the way you do things, forget ’em! You were not put on this earth to impress anyone.
  4. Fall in love with someone who never lets you fall asleep thinking you’re unwanted: There’s nothing better than this.
  5. Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person: People change but memories don’t.
  6. Nothing is permanent: New year, new chance, new opportunities. Every day is a new chance to redefine…

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Day 1102: Surprising

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Yesterday, it was surprising to me that somebody described me as “surprising” during a group therapy exercise.


I’ve been surprising people with group therapy exercises for a surprising number of years.  Because yesterday’s group therapy exercise  was new to all  the participants, they found it surprising how useful and moving it was.

I shall now explain, in surprising detail, yesterday’s group therapy exercise:

  1. People wrote down, on a single sheet sheet of paper, negative and unhelpful beliefs about themselves, which they’ve been carrying around for a surprising long time.  (See here for a definition of “labeling” — a  surprisingly common and toxic cognitive distortion.)
  2.  It was surprising to me how many of us wrote down the words “weird” and “stupid” for this part of the exercise.
  3. People shared their negative self-talk with others in the group, who found it surprising how harshly the other members judged themselves.
  4. The group participants…

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By the Mighty Mumford


(Imagineering in N scale)

I’m thinking about…scrap yard…

Building one won’t be hard,

Photo from one in town

The highway shut down,

Could become like a business card.

I have more than enough empty shells

Of locos, boxcars in ells…

Fine railroad scrap

My yard could tap,

Making short work of assorted scrap.

Need a platform to load boxcars,

Gondolas and a crane to scrap cars…

An acetylene torch

Simulated scorch,

The real one had a spur track “thar”.

Combined with “N.I.M.B.Y. ENVIRONMENTAL:,

The rail traffic growth is incremental…

Scrapping railway

Wagons each day,

Recycling is more than incidental!

–Jonathan Caswell

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El Chapo

Consciousness creates reality

        why all of a sudden
              the big deal
                  after all those years
   like it would make a difference
  alive or dead 

                                     it was all a show
        Mexico corrupted—disgraced—
look what they can do
everything is fine
        they actually used the words
                                       mission accomplished

                         he fell off a cliff
                     and broke his leg, nice
                  tanktop dude

              facenumbing piles
                           straight from the sack
                                 rolling up in GMC’s
              with gold plated AK’s

                    entire side of the house
                           lit up couldn’t see
                                  thru the smoke

        mass unmarked
graves in the desert
         all those enslaved

         whose to blame

                                 anhydrous hydra
the evergenerating sharktooth
          of prohibition slithers on
                   unscathed—how many
                                lives will be claimed
before it eats itself
           alive—and since you’re
                    just making…

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I tried to work on TYM, but could not get much done.

The distraction is largely self-made. In fact, I have already restricted my email and blog time to evening. Still, too many activities during day time.

For academic writing,  long time concentration is a must. In particular, one needs long warm up time to get into the zone. Therefore, to get the revision done on schedule, I must block the morning doing nothing but writing. Also, I must reduce other activities.


[Beijing, China, 7/22/2012]

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