Why Perform Prayers? Niçin Namaz kılıyoruz?



sem sem

A child in the womb of his mother has a mouth, eyes, ears, hands and feet. All of his organs and equipments are bestowed completely. However, none of them is needed in that womb. The baby is fed by means of a funiculus him to his mother.

Now if that child said:

O my Lord! This funiculus is enough for me. There is no need for this mouth, these eyes, ears, hands and feet. They do not serve any purpose.,

Doubtless, he would be replied by Allah as follows:

Do not rush my servant and do not interfere with what you do not comprehend. After a short while, you are going to enter such a world that this hose which you define as everything for me is going to fit nothing and so it is going to be cut off. The mouth, eyes, ears and similar organs which you consider…

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My Nightly Routine


So all of us have some routine we follow to make sure our faces stay clean after a day of makeup. Well today I’m gonna talk a little bit about what I like to do every night.

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with face masks and all the magical qualities they possess. In my latest beauty haul, I bought Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. I finally tried it out last night and so far I love it. It hardens quickly and you can feel it cleansing your face. So I’m pleased with it 🙂


That’s my face of approval…though I couldn’t really move it too much 😜

Now here is what my typical face cleansing routine looks like:


I always start off with makeup remover. I currently like Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. These both do a great job being gentle but also working…

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Poppin’ Eyes


Hello my beauties! So today I played around with eyeshadow (since I don’t do that as often as I should). For Christmas I got the Smashbox Art. Love. Color. Master Class eyeshadow/blush set and ever since I have been OBSESSED with all the beautiful shades inside.

I don’t typically do pink eyeshadow, mostly because I have never found a shade I actually like. But today I blended a bunch of pinks and purples and the results made me so happy.

I lined my eyes with a blue-green shade (Azure) along with my favorite blue eyeliner. I finished the look off with Prism on my cheeks and one of my favorite lipsticks (credits found at end of post).

Sooo here’s my makeup look for the day (which I’m pleased to say made my eyes pop more than usual):


EYESHADOWS: Candy, Custard, Orchid, and Celestial (lined eyes with Azure) all found in…

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It’s 2016 & Being Lazy; Sunday ChitChat

Hannah Crossley

First Sunday of 2016, what a week it has been. Apart from London for New Years Eve & Nannying a few days I have done nothing, to be honest It has been the first time ever since I moved into my house 2 1/2 years ago that I have done nothing at all & it’s been great. Even better I’m off on holiday tomorrow for 5 days, Center Parcs here I come. It’s an annual trip, my mum, sisters & I go on every year, keep an eye out on Instagram & Twitter to see what antics we get up too!

My week in pictures #1


I have managed to get lots of blog posts scheduled this week so keep your eyes peeled for them, I will be uploading everyday at 7am, please like, share & comment please you lovely lot.

Right better go & get dressed & put my face…

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