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TYRA Light in a Stick Sculpt in a Stick

Hi everyone!

These two sticks are amazing for a natural glow/contour. Since they are both a cream formula, they melt into the skin. This review is on the contour and highlight duo in “light”.

The packaging of these creams are very convenient as you can literally draw on your highlight and contour and blend out with a brush or sponge. They twist up and the plastic packaging is very light; great for travel.

Both the contour and highlight stick have a very creamy formula that blends out extremely well. The lasting powder is amazing especially when set with a powder; it will easily last the entire day; even on oily skin types.

TYRA Light in a Stick Sculpt in a StickTYRA Light in a Stick Sculpt in a Stick

The shades are very flattering on lighter skin tones. The contour shade is not too warm or cool and can be used as bronzer and/or contour. The highlight shade is gorgeous; it has very fine shimmer in it…

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Hair Colours To Dye For


1014-05Up till today, I still believe in that the fastest way to reinvent ourselves is with a hair make over. No matter if it’s a cut; a colouring or a perm, it makes us feel brand new when we step out the salon.

While the ombré hair (aka dip-dye) trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, I haven’t ‘dipped’ into this trend yet myself. Since now the sombré; which is a subtle ombré; has become widely popular, I’m considering joining the trend.
As a Taiwan born Chinese, I grew up seeing one hair colour only – black. Colouring our hair was strictly forbidden during our school days back then. This new freedom was handed to me after I migrated to Australia.
Although it still took me a good seven years to change my hair colour for the first time, since then I had stayed loyal to burgundy for several years.

Nowadays, I’m…

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Are you feeling better…

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

…when you read about other feeling miserable?

I’m not. But lots of people seems to do that when they read this kind of gossip press.

I did a Swedish version of this drawing couple of years ago and now I’ve done an English version.

I think this kind of papers look the same all over the world. I call them cruel fairy tales/comics for grown ups. The only difference is that they use real people as characters instead of drawn ones. I like grown downs stories better. They have superheros and good powers always wins in the end 🙂

Are we such cannibals that we want to eat unhappy people and feel good about it afterwards?

I hope not, but really, why is it amusing to read about celebrities in misery? I never got that, but then I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer 🙂

I never grew up…

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In A Parallel Universe

DoubleU = W

in a parallel universe

there was no accident

you are still alive

and bound for old age


in a parallel universe

you are still there with us

lives lived together

a whole family


in a parallel universe

that cursed granite stone

remains un-mined

forever un-etched


in a parallel universe

I wasn’t forced to curse

a god or a trinity

for taking you from me


in a parallel universe

you found your happiness

the fates smiled on you

and you gloriously remain


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EMAIL: DoubleUPoet@outlook.com

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Day 1115: How to let go of embarrassment

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Is there any thing you’re embarrassed about, right now?  If so, let’s figure out


What do you know  about letting go of embarrassment, based on your past experience and your own wisdom?  If you can’t think of anything, please don’t be embarrassed.  When somebody unexpectedly puts me on the spot and asks for answers, I’m embarrassed about how long it can take me to think of something useful.

I’m also embarrassed that I can’t remember everything people came up with, yesterday in my office, when we were brainstorming about how to let go of embarrassment.  I do remember the list included:

  • acknowledge what’s embarrassing you,
  • recognize how the embarrassment is affecting your thoughts, feelings, and actions,
  • figure out who originally gave you the idea you should be embarrassed in this situation,
  • challenge that assumption,
  • share your thoughts and feelings with somebody you trust,
  • recognize that other people get embarrassed,
  • let…

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