The Things He Saw

Poet Rummager


They thought him charming,

but they didn’t know, the things

he saw in his head.

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Book Trailer by –FlyTrapMan–

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By the Mighty Mumford


(personal opinion of the Poet)

An artist’s palette just fine

To paint an artful line…

Graffiti takes

What someone else makes

And slobbers it in  crude lines!

Artistic, some may be,

I guess buildings are “out” legally…

Railroads stewing

Over railcar ruining,

keep painting reporting marks  needlessly!

“Marking” engines and cars as a sport,

After dark is very poor comport…

Aren’t enough walls

Or tenement halls,

We still clean up after you, Sport!

An opinion piece by

–Jonathan Caswell

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Snowzilla Is a Nor’easter Along Maryland Coast

Living Simply And Still On The Grid

Interstate 70 and Interstate 270 reported Closed.

The state of Maryland has closed Interstate 70 Saturday evening, from the Baltimore beltway in the east to Interstate 81 at Hagerstown in the west.  Interstate 270 is also reported closed from the Washington beltway to Frederick, where it merges into I-70 going west.

The Snowzilla blizzard of 2016 is also a Nor’easter along the Maryland coast. Nor’easters often cause some flooding and erosion on Maryland’s ocean coastline and the Chesapeake Bay area.

In Ocean City, waves driven by high winds and unusually high tides were reported pounding the beaches on Saturday, continuing Saturday night and probably into Sunday. For some Ocean City streets that typically experience flooding during storms and extremely high tides, this storm was no different.

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One month


Today marks 1 month of blogging.

So happy one month inny97!

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Yes I do love WWE. Going to watch one of the shows live has been my lifelong dream. But they never come to Sri Lanka:(

When I started out, I had no idea what I would blog about. My life is admittedly not interesting. But, yet, you lovely people take time to read this pointless blog. So thank you guys for reading and supporting me. Love you all. Take Care.

And also CHRISTMASSS! Only 22 days to go!


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