Idli vendor in Chennai

Joshi Daniel Photography

Portrait of an idli vendor splashing water over cooked idlis in Chennai Idli vendor splashing water over idlis | Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Idlis, made of fermented rice and black lentils, are a part of traditional breakfast in most South Indian households. Roadside vendors sell soft idlis for a very cheap rate ranging mostly between Rs.2 and Rs.5.

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Achieve Your Dreams in 2016

Micki Allen

Part Three: Diggin’ in to Your Dreams

It should come as no surprise that I once dreamed of being the Queen of the World. It sounds pretty awesome in theory; though, I imagine it would be truly awful in real life. If you don’t believe me, watch Bruce Almighty. The good news, of course, is that it is never going to happen. Thanks to dreaming SMARTly, I know that my dreams need to be both Attainable and Realistic.

It ain't easy being The Queen. It ain’t easy being  Queen.

Once you have a realistic and attainable dream in mind, and you have a specific and measurabletimeline in place, it’s important to keep the following checklist in mind.

  1. Remove (or at the very least limit) anything that distracts you from achieving your dream. Binging on Netflix documentaries is not going to help you achieve your goal … unless of course your dream is to be…

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Moving? Use These Tips to Save Your Nails!

Polished by Amy

Hey guys!

For today’s post I wanted to share something that I’m currently dealing with and it just so happens to be an idea I got from an awesome subscriber! Dolledupbyj mentioned it would be a cool idea to share my favorite chip-resistant nail look when going through a move. If you guys have moved homes before, you know the how stressful and chaotic things can get. The LAST thing on your mind is your nails and how good (or terrible) they look. I’ve been through the moving process and realized I was breaking, chipping, and splitting my nails and putting them through hell. So today, I wanted to share my personal tips for taking care of your manicure or natural nails through a move (or any manual labor)!

Short nails are your best friend!


When it comes to packing, unpacking, and lifting, you definitely do not want to be…

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The Falling Thoughts


To be with you, all is well 

Without you, all is hell

How I feel without you

Like there’s no fire in hell

I can express myself with tears

But with words, it’s hard to tell

Every single pore of my body 

cries and screams like a church-bell 

I know reality is bitter

And my dreams have no spell

I know you have chains on your feet

And I’m a prisoner of a dark well

You are a part of me forever 

How come I can make you expel ?

My love for you will never decrease

I loved you,I do love you and I shall 

If you are mine, then even hell is heaven

Without you my heaven is like a hell


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

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