I Won!

World of Horror

Finally after waiting for 25 days, the contest is closed and I won the Free Cover!

I want to tell you that I have the best followers in the world!!! Without your helps and votes I couldn’t win, so THANK YOU!!!

To see the final results click on the link below:

Love you lovelies!



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Says the Night to the Moon

Poet Rummager


When you look into my eyes,

do you see the dark?

You say there’s light in my skies,

but you don’t know what I’d do

if I could have you.

I’d take all your glimmer –

hide it in the shadows of fallen stars

and take delight as you grow dimmer.

Your crescent smile would fade

in my hands where a frown would form.

I’d dance in the gloom that I’ve made.

You’d stare at me with those big craters

in surprise when you realize

I never loved you, you silly moon.

(Photo from freeimages.com)

Book Trailer by –FlyTrapMan–

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Vaping – How I Quit Smoking And Started Living Again

Don Charisma

People have frequently asked me about my blogging patterns, and why I stop doing this/that or change how I’m blogging, how often etc. Well one answer is that I get involved in other things which take up my time.

One such thing is health. Smoking cigarettes had clearly been affecting my health, it’s almost universally accepted that it’s damaging to health, and the longer one does it the more risk one has of dying of cancer, or other things like blockages in circulatory system. The risks are real and obvious, but many still light that tobacco and puff away, almost carefree.


“Ecigarettes” and “vaping” – I had various friends who care about me suggesting it as an alternative. September last year, I nearly was ready to try something new. But smoking tobacco had a powerful hold, and it took me until Christmas time to actually get started on stopping smoking…

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